April 13, 2009

Incredible Naivité

From the group blog Infidel Boggers Alliance:
The_Editrix said...

"We respectfully disagreed [that Obama is a closet Muslim]. To me, for now at least, to draw that conclusion would mean that Michelle and his girls are as well, at least if he were the hardcore Muslim some might think. They’d be in hijabs etc."
Oh for heaven's sake! Why am I posting here if nobody ever bothers to read my entries? Or is my English too bad to be understood? My locic too flawed or convoluted? My style too boring? PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF IT IS SO!

Now I have to repeat large pieces of my own post in reply to a later one. Okay, here it goes:

Do you SERIOUSLY assume that a Muslim aspiring to be President of the United States would clad his wife and daughters in Muslim rags? Obama is clearly well-versed in taqqiya. Is that a concept so alien to this Islam-critical forum?

Obama has been raised as a Muslim by his stepfather. There is no formal "conversion" to Islam. If you'd ever practised it, you ARE one. Apostasy is punishable by death. WHY do you think this prominent ex-Muslim is still alive? Don't you see beyond your own borders? For example what is happening in Turkey, the once stalwart of secular values? It has been re-conquered by Islam already. Islam was once stopped at the Gates of Vienna, at Tours and Poitiers, at Roncesvalles. Muslims have never forgotten that. Every spot where Muslims once trod, i.e. large parts of Europe, is Muslim ground forever. What about the re-Islamisation of the once pretty well assimilated Turks in Germany?

And if I say that every spot where Muslims once trod is Muslim ground forever that applies to Obama's mind and soul as well.

And you are seriously denying that Obama is a Muslim on the grounds that he isn't openly practizing Islam? As so often before, your Americanocentric views make me want to throw up. I wish you'd have to live, like we have, 2500, and not (taking America's geographical center) 7500 miles away from Mecca with Islam rubbed in our faces every day by an increasingly aggressive Muslim minority. We have to watch the frightening radical re-Islamization of the formerly relatively well-adjusted Turks in Germany, we have to suffer the rapid Islamisation of our cities, our institutions, our lifes. And all that by Muslims whose leaders are as well-spoken, apparently level-headed and non-radical as your Obama is. But who cares, Germany is far away, and has nothing to do with you.

And I take the liberty to quote myself again: Every spot where Muslims once trod is Muslim ground forever and that applies to Obama's mind and soul as well.

Monday, April 13, 2009 11:30:00 AM

I haven't considered Islam a threat before I had been made aware of it within my very own little habitat. I am afraid Americans will have to learn the hard way as well. One would think that 9/11 was enlightening enough, but alas, it wasn't.