April 27, 2009

Obama-change enters US-diplomacy...

... says the caption of this cartoon:

Not terrifically new, but somebody sent it by email and we liked it enough to put it up here.

We published another cartoon of Götz Wiedenroth already here.


Terry Morris said...

Great illustration! But I have one quibble if I may:

It would have made for a better depiction had the artist taken Michelle's physique into account.

The_Editrix said...

You mean her freightening height and sharkish mien? Basically, the cartoonist has caught that, but toned it down considerably. REALLY remarkable is the fact that a German cartoonist would deliver something Obamamessiah-critical like that, toned down as it may be, at all.

Do you know this?

The_Editrix said...

I think he has caught The Queen (of whom I am a terrific fan) beautifully. Outfit, specifically the bag, glasses, hairdo, the lot. But the proportions between her and Michelle are really distorted.