May 22, 2009

Heroin for Everybody!

The sickeningly PC rag Expatica is drooling enthusiastically over the latest madness:
School pupils in Copenhagen may soon be able to study Arabic as a second language under a new proposal that seeks to give a boost to children from immigrant families, city officials said Monday.

"It is very important that we give students a choice of languages that includes Arabic, as there is a need to give a helping hand to young people from the Arab-speaking countries to reinforce their education and integration into Danish society," Bo Asmus Kjeldgaard, the city's vice-mayor in charge of youth policy, told AFP.

It would be offered alongside other foreign languages already taught in Denmark such as English, French and German.

All four languages would be offered as options for the entrance exams that pupils have to sit at 15 to get into high school.

By offering Arabic on the curriculum, the idea is to give children from immigrant families a better chance at succeeding in those tests.

Copenhagen has asked Denmark's education ministry, which must agree to the proposals, to start teaching Arabic when students return to school in August from their summer holidays.

Some 10 percent of Copenhagen's 31,000 secondary school pupils speak the language as their mother tongue, city authorities said.

Despite counting just six percent non-citizens among its 5.5 million inhabitants, Denmark has long struggled to integrate its immigrant population amid widespread skepticism of foreigners, especially those who are Muslim.

Kjeldgaard said it would also be a huge advantage in the future for Danish companies doing business with Arab countries.
Yeah, right! All the so far un-integrable rabble will now magically turn into top-managers and further the the future of Danish companies doing business with Arab countries. Without speaking Danish, of course.

And now lets cut off the legs of all able-bodied Danish athletes so that they can compete with the physically handicapped on the same level at those freak shows called "paralympics" and distribute free heroin to everybody so that those poor addicts won't feel rejected, ostracized and marginalized anymore.


Anonymous said...

I think that if you ever have anything to do with the disabled movement, as I do, you might change your view about disabled sports.

The_Editrix said...

I most likely would. That is one of my least favourite blog entries. I don't like censoring myself and make me look better than I am, retroactively, or I'd have deleted it long ago.