May 07, 2009

No Freedom of Religion for Grandma Obama

Radio Vatikan reports today:
The Muslim grandmother of the US-american President Barack Obama, Sarah Obama, intends to convert to the Christian faith. This was maintained by a pastor of the Seventh-Day-Adventist Free Church in Kisumu, Kenia. Sarah Obama assured him that she intends to be baptised this very month. His congregation, he says, is prepared for the ceremony.

According to the news agency Apic, the local Muslim congregation deplores this approach of the Adventists. The Christian-Muslim relationships are under strain now because of the speculations about Sarah Obama's conversion.
Awmegawd! "Christian-Muslim relationships under strain"! Call the Police! Alert the media! But seriously, so what else is new? Everything but the self-disbandment of the Christian faith will put "Christian-Muslim relationships under strain". The real question is: Can Sarah become First Grandmother now?

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