May 03, 2009

Sawing Away at the Roots of Our Culture

A couple of days ago we dicussed, rather flippantly, the case of Carrie Prejean at our other blog. Carrie, "Miss California", was probably ousted from further beauty queen glories on the strength of a non-politically correct reply to one of those bizarre questions presumably meant to give those lewd spectacles a touch of "class" and seriousness they clearly don't possess. As if those girls were contemplating a roadmap to world peace while trying to find a handbag to match their ankle bracelet. But bitching is not enough, so let's get serious: That girl is attending a Christian college, or so her bio says. I wouldn't put it past the organizers to have trapped her deliberately, including, but not limited to, the choice of that specific "judge". An American friend says:
Donald Trump, the hotel magnate, runs that pageant. He got interviewed about how that particular judge got selected and why was she the only asked a highly charged question on this issue. I believe they did lay a trap for her. About all he came up with was "well, she wasn't guaranteed to win" and a whole lot double speak.

MSNBC a 'news' organization went after Miss California This wasn't a pundit, mind you. This was a so-called 'journalist.'

Keith Olberman another MSNBC "journalist" and a guest columnist from the Village Voice, an openly homosexual paper, went after Miss California in the most vile, personally denigrating terms possible. Remember, this was broadcast on prime time news. Also catch the interview by Laura Ingraham where the feminist comes right out and happily says "it is open season" on people like Carrie Prejean. Watch both videos then tell me who the intolerant, bigoted, haters are. Ms. Prejean or her opposition?

Could you imagine if two conservative journalist would have said anything halfway similar about any woman? They'd be fired.

We are rapidly reaching a point in this country where to hold a non-PC position, no matter how heartfelt and non-threatening, will be viewed and treated as a crime. I also believe Schuster, Olbermann, and the two old queens are misogynists pure and simple.
As well as I thought until five or six years ago that Islam is basically and potentially compatible with our Western culture, I thought four or five years ago that the nice, inoffensive, middle-class gays living together in a monogamous partnership, attending Catholic Mass and receiving the body of the Lord I knew and who kept themselves to themselves, stood for gays generally. THEY DO NOT. Homosexuals in political positions tend to form "rope teams" and they are EXTREMELY power conscious. Also, theirs is not just an alternative sexual orientation between two consenting adults, it is a way of life. The world rotates around their dick and the world has duly to pay tribute to that. They are, like Islam, creeping in every nook and cranny of our life, dispossessing what is there. With those disgusting "gay pride"- and "love" parades, with all their strident demands and whining about "discrimination" and with incidents like the ousting of Carrie Prejean, with intimidation and discrimination towards those who dare not to consent 100%, they are yanking our chains. And all one needs to know about the disgusting hypocrisy of the left is that feminists are not going, as they ought to, after beauty pageants, but after that girl.

It will never cease to amaze me how those pageant organisers can encourage young girls and women to look and act like expensive hookers at least ten years older than they are, yet are hypocratically disgusted when the same girls show a less than saintly behaviour. OOOO!!! Miss Muskrat Flats didn't stop at flaunting her breasts implants covered by a one-piece-swimsuit at a beauty pageant, but went the logical way and did porn! How unexpected! How shocking! And now they DO have a girl who DOES stick to the "nice girl" image they so crave, her name is excrement because she dared to express an opinion based on a Christian worldview.

And that's what it really is about, isn't it?

The friend and I discussed, too, the fact that beauty pageants had not been always like that and I remember that beauty queens decades ago were seriously beautiful and not at all cheap or whorish. The same applies to "supermodels". They have not always been anorexic bimboes, and a lot of them were from "good families". I guess they just mirror their times and age.

Maybe The Evil Style Queen will have to say something about that later.

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