December 28, 2009

Craving for The "Good Muslim"...

... or: The Wearing of The Green

Did any of the hacks who are writing about the riots in Iran really look at the pictures? I mean "look" as in "see what they are showing"?

Those people are not fighting for Western values, they are, if anything, fighting for the right to twitter.

And did anybody bother to read at least as much as the Wikipedia-entry for the hailed "Grand Ayatollah" Montazeri? I mean "read" as in "understand what it tells"?

That man was anything BUT a "democracy advocate" or "human rights activist".

This is more than just naivity. We are losing our standards. We are craving so much the "good Muslim" with whom we can live in peace that serious journalists (if there is anything like that) and analysists are trying to sell us those riots as a revolt for democracy, just like Katajun Amirpur, one of the obnoxious pet-Persians of the German media, tried to sell us in 2004 in a leading German newspaper the "progress" her native country is undergoing because a 16-year-old girl wasn't going to be be stoned to death, but rather hanged for the crime of pre-marital sex. "(T)he official age of marriage [which is coupled with the age of hangability]... after delicate negotiations between reformers and conservatives, was raised from 9 to 10 years".

Yeah right! Understanding the delicacies of Islam is what really matters.