December 21, 2009

No Sharia Law in Gaza, Dhimmi Says

It is often said that the Middle East conflict is not about Islam, but political (as if Islam weren't extremely political) and about land (as if the Arab Palestinians couldn't have had their state decades ago).

Her is an interesting snippet of information that sheds some light on that:

A Dutch journalist visits Gaza. At the border crossing he sees how the border guards throw out beer they've found in one foreign car entering Gaza. Fawzy Barroom ooops... Fawzi Barhoom, Hamas spokesman, explains they need to be consistent. Alcohol is haram and banned in Gaza, and they can't impose that on their own people without also asking foreigners to comply. "We are a moderate Islamic party, but we see to enforcing some important Islamic values. That is our duty."

The reporter's conlusion? Gaza is not an Islamic republic. No Sharia law there.

Thanks to Esther from Islam In Europe!