January 03, 2010

Islamists Are Counting on Converts V

This is from my German blog. The header reads "The Call of the X-Chromosome", picking up the headline of an article in the German newspaper "Tagesspiegel", which is, notabene, considered "conservative". Under the headline "The Call of The Muezzin", one Claudia Keller, always out to explain to unappreciative Germans the virtues of Islam, writes something that is "so abysmally dumb, shit-for-brain-bottomless stupid, self destructive, undignified and footling that it must have been written by a woman about women." The quote from the Tagesspiegel says:
Convert? To Islam? Unthinkable for many. But every year it is done by thousands in Germany. Most of them are women. Three encounters.

Sonja did it, to be recognized as a mother and homemaker. Franziska, because she was enthusiastic about the romantic, fateful element in it. Ulrike wanted to escape the achievement-oriented society.
I then, truthfully, added: "And they all did it because they are *umb *unts."

One may approve of such vulgarity or not, but true it is. They embrace Islam because they associate the role of a mother and homemaker with the humiliating, undignified and ultimately pornographic status Islam assigns to women, they are good for nothing and rationalize their justified feeling of inadequacy by "wanting to escape the achievement-oriented society" and, at least to me, worst, they consider a medieval death cult with doubtful aesthetics, that cultivates a sick image of masculinity where homosexuality is as strictly taboo-ed as widely practised, "fateful" and "romantic". Well, at least now I know why "romance", this pukeworthy Americanism for "love", disgusts me so much. For heaven's sake! Look at that woman. The word "simpering" must have been INVENTED to describe her!

(She) doesn't feel completely at home in the Wedding [a Berlin suburb] mosque. The Macho ways of many Arab men go on her nerves. She won't concentrate so hard on her work for the mosque in the future.
My guess is that she won't stay for ever a "Muslima" and embrace wicca, satanism or Bach flowers next, which will be a good thing, because otherwise one of those romantic Muslim men will apply a fateful beating to her to wipe that smug smile off her face.

Apropos beating!
... that the husband is allowed to beat his wife if she doesn't obey him and goes astray, applies only to "extreme circumstances", when nothing else helps. She herself wouldn't be in for anything like that anyway [We are relieved!], she as a convert, is much more devout than her husband who doesn't take religion all that serious anyway and doesn't visit the mosque. "I am very worried because of that, Jasmin [That's the one who wants to escape the achievement-oriented society!] says. She would like to save her husband from hell, but so far all discussions led to nothing.
Maybe that is because he considers her the moron she is. Maybe Islam HAS a point, after all. (That was sarcasm!)

The article says, too (and appreciatively, by the way), that the Muslim organisation "Islamarchiv in Soest" estimates the current number of German converts to be 25,000, two thirds of them women. And now the incredible part: Previous to 9/11 between 200 and 250 Germans converted to Islam, post-911 1,000, 2,000, once even 4,000, a year. Should those figures be authentic (and I think they are, more or less) the mixture of oestrogen-addled brains, anti-Americanism, self-hatred and anticipatory obedience is stunning!

My earlier Islamists Are Counting on Converts entries may be interesting as well.

And no, my most avid reader! (You know who you are, dumb cunt!) I know you are obsessed with me in a rather unhealthy way, but I do NOT make a difference between Islamists and "good" Muslims. Never have, don't, never will. You may browse through all my posts back to 2003, which you have very probably done anyway. In that case you will have noticed that I, for example, gave the now hailed paragon of Islam-criticism credit already when "conservative" American bloggers considered "Geert Wilders", if they had heard the name at all, to be a sort of cheese or cultivar of tulips.


beakerkin said...

Actually the reason for this may be the neutering of males in Western Society. Some women like a decisive male who takes charge. Of course any
Western man doing this is labeled sick by social scientists and is placed in therapy.

The same aggressive behaviors are viewed as cultural variants in non Westerners.

The_Editrix said...

I couldn't agree more, Beak! In fact, I posted this first at my other blog, which is anti-feminist in nature. Because this is indeed a feminist topic.