April 25, 2010

Seeping-in Sharia

HuffPo knows what REALLY interests us:
Sheikha Mozah Meets The Royals In Fabulous Fashion

Sheikha Mozah bint Nasser Al Missned of Qatar, normally known for her unapologetically monochromatic ensembles, really mixed things up during a meeting with Queen Elizabeth II at Windsor Castle on Tuesday.

But two days later, she returned to the monochromatic Mozah we know and love [sic!] when she and Prince Charles attended a reception and planted a Sidr tree to mark the opening of the Qur'anic Garden Exhibition at the Royal Botanic Gardens [sic!].

Quick Poll

Which look do you like best?

Look 1 (with Queen Elizabeth) for attending a stoning in Iran

Look 2 (with Prince Charles) for attending a beheading in Saudi Arabia

To be honest, neither. She'd even make a burqa look good, so why not?

Rest assured, this is gallow's humour!


Anonymous said...

I see Prince Charles is trying to put all those rumors to rest that he converted to Islam. Not!

The_Editrix said...

Indeed! However, he is a poor pathetic man with a passionate need to be liked. What I really find disgusting is the general public in the West who elevates a woman who is, by our standards of ethics and family values, a concubine, to a position of a shining paragon of female virtue. Just google for her name, but have a pukebag ready. We are all doomed.

Universal Realist said...

Is there a third choice?

What’s going on with the grey outfit? It looks like it has dried mud on it that was painted grey.

Her designer should executed.

The_Editrix said...

"What’s going on with the grey outfit? It looks like it has dried mud on it that was painted grey."

As a woman, I'd say that the grey thing, and certainly without the dried mud patches, is exquisite. But as I said in the entry already, that woman would look good in anything. Just the ideal medium to convey that the sharia can't be all that bad.