June 14, 2010

And this one wants to be taken seriously!

On Thursday, June 3, two days after the Swedish writer Henning Mankell, who is not JUST hugely popular for his antisemitic anti-Zionist commitment in Germany, was released from his ordeal to which the Israelis had submitted him, SPIEGEL ONLINE International performed an interview with him that was full of as-hard-as-nails-investigative questions and gems of replies from the interviewee, such as whether he had ever been to Gaza ("no"), whether he knows the IHH and the Free Gaza movement ("not well enough to be able to form an opinion"), whether Hamas was a source of hope for him ("I don’t know enough about the issue"), or why he ignored repeated Israeli warnings that they would not allow the convoy to reach Gaza ("At least they should have let us continue for another two hours, until we were just off the coast") and nobody laughed and the world listened in awe.

I quite liked that one as well:
You know, I was born in 1948, the same year as the establishment of the State of Israel, so this conflict has accompanied me my entire life. For me, the thought that this conflict will still exist when I die is unbearable.
Whether the fact of having been born in the same year as the old fart who has hair growing out of his nose and ears makes the Middle East conflict so precious, the as-tough-as-nails-investigative journalists from SPON forgot to ask -- or why he doesn't give an aviating fornication for all the many other still unresolved ethnic or political conflicts worldwide, for that.

But this is priceless:
By the way, I have many Jewish friends, my books are published in Hebrew [which he considers to revoke] ... and a branch of my family is Jewish.
Just like the Führer!

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