June 10, 2010

Facebook's Double Standard

Under the header Clear Hate of Jews on Facebook the English language version of Politically Incorrect, the most read of all political blogs in Germany, not just the Islam-critical ones, leads us down to the bilges of -- how shall I put it? -- a German subculture. By the way "potatoes" (="Kartoffeln" in the original) is a slur for ethnic Germans:

On Facebook an apparently deeply piled up hate of Jews is now being unloaded. Muslims living in Germany are freely exercising their genocidal fantasies. They don’t conceal their sympathies for the Holocaust and its author Adolf Hitler. The fact is openly bemoaned that he was unable to complete his gruesome work.

In light of the multitude of shocking texts, the usual diversions of a few simple rare occurrences can no longer be spoken of. Also, the study of the Amadeu Antonio Foundation of the previous year came to the conclusion that there is definitely a strong anti-Semitism among young Muslims. Something appears to be developing here that not only should cause the greatest concern, but must give occasion for even greater alarm, if it would be the right target group with Jew-hating Bio-German right-wing radicals, but there is the possibility that the well-wishing immigrant bonus is being employed here. For perhaps they don’t mean it that way, but it must still be explained to them how to understand “Mein Kampf” correctly. In the year 2007, this book of hate and incitement was still #3 on the bestseller list before it was officially banned there under instigation by the Bavarian State Government. But in a Turkey that has been re-Islamized at a fearfully fast pace, Hitler’s hate tirades appear to have become once again accepted and beloved. This is a seamless fulfillment of the Jew-hating scriptures of the prophet Muhammad, as these entries on Facebook very impressively confirm:

Betül Erdogan Prophet Juden töten Betül Erdogan: The prophet (s.a.s.) said that the hour will not come until the Muslims battle against and kill the Jews; until the Jew hides behind the rock and tree, and the rock and tree will say: Oh thou Muslim, oh thou servant of Allah, this is a Jew hiding behind me, come and kill him! Until this one is “gargat” off the trees of the Jews. It is recognized today that the Jews plant and cultivate this kind of tree.

Bülent Bozkurt alle vergasen Bülent Bozkurt: sh– jews, best to gas all of them… .

Mahmoud Joop Heil Hitler richtig getan Mahmoud Joop: Heil hilter [sic] you did the right thing back then with the jews sad that youre no longer here

Mert Dos Santos Türkei KZ Mert Dos Santos: NO LONGER AND THE NEXT THING TURKEY MAKES A CONCENTRATION CAMP AND GASSES THE JEWS Hamdullah finally somebody who speaks the truth to the face of the leading Jews! Erdogans words to the Jews

Eren Kayali Nazi Juden Brei Eren Kayali:: there is nothing left for me to do but to be nazi all jews are like leaven is will beat them to pulp

Inan Bozz hurensöhne hitler alle vergasen Inan Bozz: SH— JEWS THEIR WHORE’S SONS HITLER SHOULD GAS THEM ALLLLLLL

Esad Üzüm alle vergast hitler nichts falsches Esad Üzüm: Piss Israeliler!!!! Typically yet again only the JEWS! They should all be GASSED! Hitler did nothing wrong back them! Used only the wrong MEANS! Vatana, Millete, Sehitlerimze sahip cikma PROTESTO yürüyüsü ULM

Göksel Dürak juden in gaskammerGöksel Durak Where did HITLER only remain he should return again, and again stick the SH– JEWS into the gas chamber..

Tolga Cokbilen Hitler mich verfluchen Tolga Cokbilen: Adolf Hitler: “The day will come when you will curse me for not having annihilated all Jews !!!!!!!”

Serkan Karakus Hitler nicht alle Juden Serkan Karakus: Hitler made only one mistake… He didn’t erase all JEWS…

Ileri Rüstü Hitler Mein Kampf Ileri Rüstü: Hitler wrote in his book “Mein Kampf: I will not kill all Jews so that people in the future will can see what kind of filthy people they are.

Cemal Ak hitler nicht alle israilis umgebracht Cemal Ak: also for the germans the translation hitler said then that we will curse hitler that he didnt kill all israilis and now the time has come now on the jews shall not speak of antisemitism because they are to blame for being so hated Gün Gelecek, Öldürmedi?im Her Yahudi çin Bana Küfredeceksiniz ! ” Adolf Hitler ”

Engin Marangoz hitler jeden einzelnen juden Engin Marangoz: Hitler: One day you will HATE me for each individual jew that i didn’t kill ! -> EKLEYEN ESREF< --- Bir Gün Gelecek, Öldürmedi?im Her Yahudi ?çin Bana Lanet Okuyacaks?n?z; Adolf Hitler...

Altan Altuntas Hitler hatte Recht Altan Altuntas: How can one simply? Thus are the Israeli soldiers, no honor no pride, Hitler said, you will curse me for each Jew I don’t kill, if one sees it that way, he is RIGHT… . ??te ?srailin aciziyeti …2 ya??ndaki çocu?a silah do?rultacak kadar ?erefsiz bi toplum !

Bünjamin Adak Hackt kopf ab Bünyamin Adak: seize the jews by the legs chop their head off like little warty pigs

Asli Gürkan Juden alle sterben Asl Gürkan: SH——- JEWS you will all die but how !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Israel is shooting unarmed aid convoy together 31 5 2010 Israels Free Gaza Attack Israel celebrating death of turks Israel celebrates dead turks on the ship in front of the turkish embassy in israel

Emrey Altnbasch: he is truly a whore’s son when i see what israel is doing there i think israel uses him as an example! for they do the same thing with the palestinians, “first i thought that we should gather the jews on a deserted island, but the more i know them the more i come to the conclusion that it is necessary to kill them immediately in place where they are seen!” A.Hitler Önceleri Yahudilerin Bir Issz Adada Toplanmasn Düünüyordum Ama Onlar…

Yusuf Sakin: Adolf Hitler (1889-1945) quote, “Thus I believe that I have acted in the spirit of the almighty creator: where I resist the Jews, I struggle for the work of the Lord.”

Mehmet Sahiti: Kill the Jews…!!! israiLden NEFRET EDENLER (BEGEN – PAYLA?) !!!

Deniz Karadeniz: a.Q. ISRAIL HER WHORESONS SH— JEWS DOGS YOU WORTHLESS PEOPLE israili K?nayan 1.000.000 Müslüman Aryoruz –>Allah Akna Listeni Davet Et


Galip Koc: Here[sic] whores son vallah wait for Iran and turkey would[sic] f— you would[sic] show you something else practice 999999999999 jews isrealirt are dead we thank that the turks and iran isallah allah sizi kötü azap yapdri oda türkiye ve iran onar sziz öldürsünler hayvan olu hayvan lar Israel shoots unarmed aid convoy together 31 5 2010 Israels Free Gaza Attack Israel celebrating death of turks Israel celebrates dead turks on the ship in front of turkish embassy in israel

Ufuk Besler: You Jews (Zionists=Terrorists) are cursed With my warmest regards to Israeli intelligence

Trabzon Arsin: Let it rain BOMBS on Telaviv kill the jews and everyone who stands behind the d— jews i believe the jews want another wipeout like 60-70 years ago but this time there will be no escape the jews want war[sic]? they get war[sic]! With iran behind us there is “TOTAL WAR[sic]” d— “Hitler” was a good person 6.000. 000 people i say simply Masallah



Ali Özcan sh– f—-ed jews for that i hate them and potatoes too ?skenderun’da Askeri Birli?imize Sald?ran ve Gazze Yard?m Gemisine Sald?ranlar PROTESTO Ediyoruz…. Wall Photos

Emre Gök: Cartman “We must wipe out the Jews”

Tuncay Ulusoy: jews stink

So much for the selection out of the flood of Jew-hating, Hitler-glorifying and death-wishing texts by German Muslims on Facebook. These people have also made themselves noticeable with violent rhetoric at the Gaza demonstrations of one and one-half years ago in Germany, when Hitler was openly invoked and the police removed an Israeli flag in order to prevent violent outbreaks of the mob. The insanity appears to be advancing: Saturday there will be a large anti-Jewish demonstration at the Kudamm in Berlin. A few would apparently like to engage themselves violently at the scene.

BuBu Mbt: i spit down on you above you filthy jews! Tuuuuuuuuuuh. On Saturday, June 5, 2010, a demo for Palestine and against the policies of Israel will take place at 4 PM in front of the Gedächtniskirche at the Kudamm. Everyone come and bring friends and acquaintances with you!! We must be a sign and show that we will stick together regardless of where we came. … DEMO FOR PALESTINE – SATURDAY, JUNE 5, 4 PM BERLIN KUDAMM !!! PASS ON TO EVERYONE !!!

Raffaello Kerdo: who’s coming on saturday to the demo?????? kill the jews off, or… ???

It will be interesting to see how politicians and media smooth over these scandalous affairs. And how noisy the silence of the Jewish Central Council will be.

» info@zentralratdjuden.de

(Text: byzanz – Munich PI Group / Translation: Anders Denken)

In this context it ought to be mentioned, that the Facebook accounts of Dr. Christine Dietrich and Stefan Herre, two of the people behind Politically Incorrect, have been terminated without explanation or notice.


beakerkin said...

Of course if this had been said about any other group the individuals would find themselves in serious trouble.

Once again the culprit is the far left. In the USA it is unthinkable to discuss American History without
spending major time on the wrongs commited against Indians and Slavery. It is time to discuss the colonial and human rights crimes of Islam in basic education.

bruce-church said...

The Puppy Mafia
Black Market in Dogs Big Business in Germany

By Michaela Schiessl

The_Editrix said...

Beak get rid of your pathological obsession with "commies". Those youths are most likely member of the Grey Wolves (Turkish: Bozkurtlar), an ultra-nationalist, neo-fascist youth organisation. They have been known to support non-Turkic people if they consider them to have kinship with Turkish people. Therefore Grey Wolves have supported for example the Chechen Independence Struggle and the Bosniaks' resistance in the Bosnian War.

Yeah, all "commie" causes.

The_Editrix said...

Bruce, I read that. Everybody who gets a pup from such a dealer supports the horror. Those dealers are thriving on people's stupidity and sentimentality. Buy one, pave the way for hundreds more.

beakerkin said...

No Editrix, as in America the educational policies are the province of the far left. Three things are fairly obvious from this reading.

1) Most of these comments are made from ethnic Turks. Turks claiming to be victims of anyone given their
own history is comedic.

Can we say Colonialism? Genocide? Jannisaries? Slavery and Islamo Jim

2) The educational system in most countries do a very poor job in discussing Islamic history. Pick up a history book and you will see
plenty about the evils of the Crusades and the claim "Islam was spread by trade".

You will see plenty about the evils of European Colonialism but zero about Islamic colonialism. What is being peddled in schools is a Disneyfied version of Islamic
history where colonized ingigenous people are happy under the rule of Islam. It is as absurd as American Indians being thrilled their land was stolen and happy Black Slaves in the Old South. Of course there is also little discussion of the crimes of Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot and so forth.

3) There is a sense of entitlement
as indicative of these comments. The writers feel entitled to their genocidal rage based upon their victimology.

Of course who is pushing and promoting this absurd history of victimization of Muslims by Jews. The answer is quite obvious.

One last thing, when a Jew looks at a Communist we see them the same
as a Black person views the KKK. People who claim to be Jews while parroting the most vile forms of Antisemitism are viewed as Kappos by the majority of the community. One can grow quite wealthy catering to this market ala Chomsky, Finklestein and Kovel.

The_Editrix said...

Beak, are you telling seriously me, a German, what makes those Turks in Germany tick? (You DO realise that those comments were translated from the German language?) Do you seriously think that better knowledge of their own history would change their views? Do you really think hardcore Islamists let themselves be influenced by lah-dee-dah leftist German teachers? They scare the shit out of them and then laugh their asses off at them, if they are attending school at all, that is. You have NO IDEA what is going on here.

And yes, there is a sense of entitlement and victimology. It is indicative for the entire Islamic world, it is part of their culture. What does that have to do with "commies"?

Finally, what have the Jews' view on "commies" do do with the topic of this entry which is the inhererent Jew-hatred of Islam?

Your entire outlook is so tunnel-viewed that you even think you can lecture me about what is going on in my own country.

beakerkin said...


Absolutely this sense of perpetual
rage and entitlement is being fed by a far left educational and media

The truth is that Muslims in Europe are angrier than their peers back home. The Al Queda 9-11
plot was hatched in Germany and in other European cities.

Part of teaching history is a discussion about responsability of
a nation. In the USA we spend weeks
on Slavery and the treatment of Blacks. This is part of the overall
history of America and discussing those wrongs in context does not in
any way detract from patriotism. In fact those wrongs make me appreciate that we are in a better
place today.

These posters are likely educated in German Schools with similar garbage as seen in American School.
Typical of this is "Islam was spread by trade". There is zero discussion of Islamo colonialism, slavery and abuses of minorities that make Jim Crow look mild.

Many of these Muslims are also recipients of social services that are staffed by far left types. They
are allowed to under achieve and remain on the dole instead of working. All this time on the dole
leaves more time for radicalism in Mosques. Peole who work and do business with other people have less time to be victims.

Having a group consistently stoke this victimization for hopes of a grand alliance to overthrow Capitalism makes matters worse.

Can you check the translation of the comment about Jew bitch Joane Peters. This appears to be a rant
oddly aimed at the author of from Time Immemorial who is not Jewish and is a far left staple.

The_Editrix said...

Yes Beak. Commies invented Islam, you are right and I have a rest.

beakerkin said...


No wrong point. I would like you to look up the English term entryism. Communists are grievence parasites and will stoke whatever they feel will bring them power.

Communists by nature form alliances to further their own desire to overthrow Capitalism. One does not see as much anger with Moroccans living in Morocco as the Moroccans living in France.
The reason is they are educated by far left types that reinforce the fake victimization.

Can you please recheck the comment about Peters. I am curious to see if a 30 year old book is still getting people upset.

The_Editrix said...

Beak, the hell I'll do. I didn't even write that. Do a Facebook search and find it yourself or ask the author of the article.