June 12, 2010

Harmonicas for Hamas

From the JPost:
Edith Lutz, a member of a fringe group of anti-Israeli German Jews, announced on Thursday in German radio (Deutschlandradio) that members plan to deliver musical instruments and other goods aboard a vessel destined for Hamas in Gaza.

According to Lutz, the German chapter of the group European Jews for a Just Peace (EJJP) stated “there must be talks with Hamas, the elected government.” Members of the anti-Zionist group (EJJP) have frequently compared Israel with Nazi Germany and the former Apartheid government in South Africa.

Critics in Germany note that the EJJP are obsessed with Israel and show no interest for the genocide in Dafur or the Iranian government's brutal crackdown of its civilian population.

According to media observers, the EJJP attracts vast media attention in Germany because of widespread anti-Israeli sentiments among the population.
Yes Edith, and it won't even buy you the window seat on the next train to Auschwitz you are so longing for.


Anonymous said...

Musical instruments are banned in Islam, except from some rhythm instruments for chanting, I read. I wonder what instruments they are bringing to Gaza, if they go at all. I doubt the Jews are bring the instruments for the 1800 (or fewer) Christians left in Gaza!

beakerkin said...

Actually criticizing Israel as a Jew is a way to get media attention and grow wealthy. Of course almost all of these so called Jews have a common denominator and it is not reading Spiderman.