June 06, 2010

Muslim Pride

The Israeli German-language blog ARO1, maintained by the German convert to Judaism Ulrich J. Becker, shows parts of a slide show from the Turkish newspaper Hürriyet about the three Israeli commando soldiers, who had been captured and detained during the raid on the Mavi Marmara. They were taken below, stripped of their uniforms and equipment and humiliated. Ulrich thinks that the szenario was supposed to remind the Israelis of the Ramallah lynching.
The camera points incessantly at the 'humiliated Jews'! – In terrorcamps in Gaza, Afghanistan or in Lebanon that would be fodder for thigh-slapping, bawling mirth. To present this to a worldwide public is a non-plus-ultra proof for the total absence of any morality and the general sadistic mental disorder of those 'peace activists'...

Well, Islamists think differently. What evokes compassion for the brutally molested in the West, is in Islam symbol and proof of their strength, because degradation, humiliation etc. are the pride of the Islamic fighter, which means they don't even twig that they are damaging their entire PR for Europe all by themselves.
And while I think Ulrich is on to something here, I wouldn't count all THAT much on Western compassion when it's about Jews.

I have refrained from posting the pictures here for obvious reasons.

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