June 03, 2010

Who needs Nazis for antisemitism?

Predictably, the callous treatment of the humanitarian relief flotilla to Gaza by the Jews Israelis evoked the reaction of eternal antisemites critics of the Zionist entity in the Middle East. As reported by a German blog, entirely peaceful, non-threatening ralliers organised by the Left Party (Die Linke), unidentified "anti-war activists" and the Palestinian community of Bonn, all of them honestly concerned about the fate of the poor people in Gaza, aggresively molested the guests of a Starbucks café in Bonn (the former West German capital) because they had "an announcement to make". When one of the guests at Starbucks, recognisable by his American accented English as an American, asked them to leave the people in the café alone, he was attacked and beaten unconscious. The personnel refused to intervene, to help the man, to restrain the attacker (because it was partially the victim's "own fault") or to call the police. The victim was taken to a hospital where the doctor on call thought that he had been "very lucky". Interviewed later by the blog who had reported all this, the victim commented that "No American or Israeli should feel safe at any Starbucks."

While I am writing this, the MSM are totally ignoring the incident at Starbucks, and largely the rally, but I found a report in English (without the Starbucks incident) at the Demotix "citizen journalism" website. It pays, too, to go to the report from the "sister" rally at Cologne and have a close look at the photos -- and the Hamas flags.

Have a look, too, at the mixture of headscarf-clad women, men with, as it is called euphemistically here in police reports, "Mediterranean" features and ethnically German faces and be reminded of the excellent historical German and Palestinian Arab cooperation. We reported here and here and here, although not JUST there, about it.

Notice, too, that there are no "Nazis" anywhere. This blog has tirelessly droned on for years now about the hypocrisy of German "Never Again" rhetoric, about the hypocritical smokescreen of "right wing extremism" when left wing antisemitism has filtered down to the mainstream long ago.

Will somebody finally read it?


beakerkin said...

Essentially we forget the hooliganism aspect of Nazism. Harassing people just because they are American or Jews is Nazi behavior. Last I checked the only Americans in the Gaza episode were Marxist activists.

Not all hooliganism is Nazi, but singling out people on the basis of their nationality is.

The_Editrix said...

While the (very often non-Marxist) German "Old Left" used to be not antisemitic per se, there is very little difference between Nazis and the "New Left". It is more a matter of details. The National Socialists are into, well, nationalism, whereas the national Socialists call it anti-globalisation.

The grandparents counted on the German-Arab alliance with the performance of the Holocaust, the grandchildren call it "Aid for Gaza" and even feel noble about it.

This is interesting. Read to the end.