August 19, 2010

The Serious Duty to Instruct and Improve Jews

The debased cruelty with which Israeli soldiers treat their prisoners to then have their photographs taken and published at Facebook is a historically unique crime of Jewry as such, reaching so far unknown proportions and not the brainfart of an abysmally dumb &%*$§. The history of the Holocaust will have to be re-written. Germans breathe a not-so-clandestine sigh of relief.

What does Google, always so helpful, say? If one googles for "trophy photos soldiers" one gets 531,000 hits, some as interesting as this one or this one. And no, they are not about Israeli soldiers.

Head of a Japanese, Burma 1945.

Life Magazine,May 22 1944
Arizona war worker writes her Navy boyfriend a thank-you note for the Jap skull he sent her.
Defense worker N. Nickolson writes to her sweetheart thanking him for his letter and "souvenir." This skull of a Japanese soldier bears the inscription: "Here is a good Jap -- a dead one!"
As it ought to be, and I am serious here, those pictures are put in a historic perspective by many contemporary and more recent commenters. It is an enlightening lecture about history and human nature. If one goes then on googling for "trophy photos soldiers -israel -jews" one gets 322,000 hits, for "trophy photos soldiers -israel -jews -iraq" only 242,000. What conclusion can be drawn from that? I'm not 100% sure, but a possible one would be that American war crimes, real or perceived, only started to become truly interesting for a wider public, and not even mainly in Germany, when America had mutated in the public eye to the Ersatz-Jew, acting as proxy for Israel, the Über-Jew.

This is the execution of Sergeant Len Siffleet of the Australian Z Special Force Unit on October 24, 1943, at Aitaoe beach, New Guinea, performed by a Japanese civilian. Such a duty was considered an honour. Japanese have immaculate manners.
The faded photograph was found in a Japanese soldier's pocket and yet still chills the heart of Australians.
I'm sure the Australians wouldn't have gotten their knickers in such a knot had they only known, what Israelis would do to their prisoners sixty-odd years later.
Not to forget the recent cases, but they are part of the culture of the performers and thus above criticism per se. Culture is wonderful, as long as it's not Western. Never forget, too, that they are deeply traumatized by the cruel treatment they received from the West. And who are we, anyway, with our past and present, capitalism, imperialism, White Supremacy, colonialism, not to speak of the Holocaust, to be arrogant enough to lecture them what is wrong or what is right.

That, we must only do to the Jews.