August 31, 2010

The West Is Done In

You don't need to understand the German dubbing, I'll explain all you need to know. This is a "professional dancer and choreographer" from India. But what makes this REALLY interesting is the fact that he is a Jesuit. No lie. His full name is Dr. Saju George Moolamthuruthil SJ. In the Bildungs- und Exerzitienhaus (a house for education and spiritual exercises) "Maria zur Sonne" of the Würzburg diocese, he held, in cooperation with the Catholic mission project Missio, a four-day clinic dubbed "Stretching the body -- stretching the soul". The first dance in this film is supposed to allegorize the Crucification of Christ. No lie. The attendees interviewed, one of them a Catholic priest, are over the moon about it. No need to say that it is no lie.

Pater Geurge SJ has given 200 odd (pun intended) performances in India and worldwide, adopting both, as he puts it, Hindu and Christian themes in his performance. He states that his art involves prayer and adoration, self-awareness and divine realisation, aesthetic delight (you bet) and cosmic integration, social service, the promotion of inter-religious peace and harmony, ecumenism as well as other dimensions. And I'd bet a couple of other politically correct themes as well.

Here he does it around the altar of the Schottenkirche in Vienna:

Not this obscene, heretic priest is the problem, but those who are embracing perversion in their futile search for "spirituality".

After it didn't manage to make the people practise what it teaches, the contemporary church decided to teach what they practise.
Nicolás Gómez Dávila translated by me from the German.

Hat tip: CCC!


Mine Host said...

Hmm, India has about the same number of Roman Catholics as does Italy.

Stands to reason there'd be the odd Jesuit dancer in a crowd that size.

fpb said...

That would make Italy about 30% Catholic - eighteen million - which does not answer either the numbers or my experience. And Catholic Indians, like all Christians in missionary lands, are not prone to this kind of nonsense. This is a provincial west European piece of silliness.

The_Editrix said...

I think he shrewdly exploits the submissive Western fad for "other cultures" to sell his heathen shit and his homosexuality. What that makes a Catholic priest and his enablers is everybody's guess.

fpb said...

It's not so much the Catholic Church as his (almost literally) goddamned order, the Jesuits. I think we are about overdue for a second suppression, and this time for the right reason. I don't think there is a single order in the Church that surpasses the Jesuits in degeneracy. To give you an idea, they have that famous fourth oath of special obedience to the Pope, but I have two books on Church history, authored by English Jesuits, in which one can tell that wherever two or more alternative interpretations are possible, they wilfully select the one that will do most damage to the image and claims of the Papacy. I mean it. There are many protestants with more respect for the See of Peter than the modern claimants to the order that St.Ignatius set up exactly to support it.