September 06, 2010

18% Poor Misguided Perverts

I took my car to the garage this morning and thus had a brief chance to listen to the radio. It was a public station, Deutschlandfunk, the programme "Presseschau", press review. Süddeutsche Zeitung, the battle rag of the left with delusions of intellectualism, let us know from a great height, that one ought to understand the poor misguided 18 percent of the German people who are pro Thilo Sarrazin, the rabble rouser. Guess what makes them tick? They are, pathetic and unenlightened as they are, "afraid of modernity".

All this is stunning. Those people are not afraid of modernity, they are afraid to LOSE modernity (whatever that is) and to be sent back to prae-modernity. To call this "Middle Ages" would be unfair to the -- to our -- Middle Ages.

It is beyond belief what the simple truth is able to trigger, if somebody speaks out who can not, different from little and even big bloggers, be ignored. And what is even more beyond belief is the cynicism and contempt of the oh-so enlightened media for their readers.


Anonymous said...

If it's any comfort, the left has been saying the same things since 1967 at least. I read this NY Times article from 1971 about how the left had joined forces against the Zionists, and I note that it could have been written yesterday. For example, it has the claims that the left is only anti-Zionist and not antisemitic, and also it notes why the left (and the media for that matter) ignore antisemitism on the left and among Arabs because they see antisemitism only as signs of discontent and coming revolution against the oppressor class:

Prophetic article in NYT Magazine from 1971, on the emerging anti-Semitism of the left

Anne said...

bruce-church: thanks for link. It takes me back, I was 19 in 1970. I never was attracted to radical politics however. Though I knew little about the issues (I majored in Physics, where not a breath of political winds blew), I found something unappealing about the new left, almost an instinctual reaction.

My parents were old left, and for years I always thought the left (except for the radicals, who were clearly a little nutty) were the "good guys, the nice guys, while on the right lurked the danger.

I didn't start reading about politics, history etc. until after 9/11 (I was so shocked I decided to educate myself). Imagine my surprise to discover anti-semitism and other crackpottery on the warm fuzzy left!
I have got more and more disillusioned with them the more I read. I have completely given up on them now.

Editrix: Like your blog, understand your problems, we have same stuff over here in Canada (just last week three people were arrested for plotting to blow up the Parliament buildings. Young guys of Pakistani origin, one a doctor, proving you can be educated and still nuts).

The_Editrix said...

Bruce, fascinating stuff in a gruesome way. It's something to keep and distribute further, which I will do. Thanks for posting the link.

Anne, we are the same age group and your biographical details resemble mine to an extent that stuns me. Thanks for posting here.

Speedy G said...

Tribalism must be extinguished, for it is not conducive to the establishment of internationalist oriented grand causes, be they socialist internationalism, market-based state capitalism, or a Neo petro-Caliphate for the over-breeding Umah, didn't you know that?