September 03, 2010

See what a REAL "hate preacher" is

Esther, from the terrifically informative Islam In Europe blog, makes me aware of Australian hate preacher Feiz Muhammad: "Anybody who mocks Islam... the punishment, whether Muslim or not Muslim, of mocking Islam is death... Behead him! Chop his head off!"

The Dutch news site De Telegraaf posted the clip. There are Dutch subtitles, but Feiz Muhammad speaks English.

Of course, this has nothing to do with real Islam.


Universal Realist said...

Yup, sounds like a peaceful and understanding religion.

Terry Morris said...

Actually, "saw his head off with a semi-sharp knife" is probably a more accurate way to express it. These people seem to take particular pleasure in making beheadings as excrutiatingly painful to the victim as is within their power to do. "Chopping" his head off would, I assume, be considered too painless a penalty inflicted for the commission of the greatest possible crime one could possibly commit against Islam. This "religion" comes straight from the depths of Hell.

The_Editrix said...

TERRY! How utterly WONDERFUL to have you back!