December 03, 2010

The Depth of German Hatred for America and Modernity

How many times have I stressed that the "Christian" Union parties ARE NOT conservative and that it's beyond ridiculous to label former agitprop secretary Angela Merkel such? Well, read this article, German 'Conservatives' Find Common Ground with Sharia-Compliant Economics, by John Rosenthal. Excerpt:
In a series of seminars held recently in Berlin, Ankara, and Abu Dhabi, Germany’s Konrad Adenauer Foundation examined the “commonalities” between the social market economy and “Islamic economics.” As reported in the German daily Die Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, the participants:

came to the conclusion that [the commonalities] were great and that, for example, the recent financial crisis would not have broken out if today’s economic order had been oriented to the common values shared by both. The politicians present, including those from the [German] Bundestag, did not disagree.

The Konrad Adenauer Foundation is a publicly funded “political foundation” affiliated with the Christian Democratic Union, the party of German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Chancellor Merkel sits on the executive board of the foundation.

What I find even more creepy is that the Abu Dhabi-based (sic!) correspondent of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung -- that's a "conservative" newspaper for you, Americans --, Rainer Hermann, goes so far as to state that a real estate bubble, such as formed on the U.S. housing market, would have been "impossible" in a system of "Islamic banking", which, in my opinion, shows in a nutshell the entire depth of German hatred for America and modernity.

I'm not a terrific fan of Pajamas Media, but John Rosenthal's entries are always worth reading, at least for those who want to get some genuine information about Germany. He speaks fluent German, thus knows what he is talking about, and doesn't dream the American pipe dream about a conservative-at-heart Germany that is hijacked by an evil clique of leftists, as it was once hijacked by an evil clique of Nazis who were leftists anyway (don't get me started on THAT).

Here is his blog.


Alligator said...

I remember when Europeans, including Germans, were practically orgasmic over the election of Obama and his visits there. Now we see and hear things like this:,1518,732684,00.html

The_Editrix said...

Good point, 'gator!

I can't speak for other Europeans, but I have got pretty much the number of the Germans. I am, after all, one of them. You can always count on German antiamericanism (and never forget that it is closely related to antisemitism). Germans will instinctively go for what is harmful to America and they instinctively sensed that Obama would do just that, notwithstanding some genuinely wellmeaning people who considered Obama's success a bit of higher historical justice.

Now it has transpired that he is, in spite of his skin colour (or whatever they may see in him, he is whiter than many Europeans) not the anti-American superhero who would demolish evil America within months, but just a bumbling nonentity with limited power, they target him as well. Always listen to the rhetoric: "Neskovic reserves his strongest criticism for the American president, who he sees as being ultimately responsible for the drone attacks. "Barack Obama is not God, able to freely decide about life and death," he says. "Nevertheless he behaves like an Old Testament God who kills people as he sees fit with fire and brimstone."" Here we are just one small step away from the Jews, whose Old-Testamentarian thirst for revenge is an ever-recurring topos among Germans.

The REAL question is, however, how somebody like Neskovic could be elected to the highest German court.

Alligator said...

It's one of the few areas where I agree with and actually praise Mr. Obama - using hellfire drones on Al Queda and the Taliban. If that's what upsets Germans with America, then I'll get a violin out and play a tune.

Then I'll play another one for the German people when you become an Islamic Republic, and the resistors have all been beheaded.

Sorry. I've been in kind of a foul mood today.

The_Editrix said...

Join the club, 'gator!