July 25, 2011

God Help Us

Two or three things about the Norwegian horror:

There is a German Facebook group "I am conservative and I denounce the terror assault in Norway" ("Ich bin konservativ und verurteile den Terroranschlag in Norwegen"). Why does a "conservative" need to distance himself from such a monstrous crime? Are conservatives known for planting bombs in government buildings? Of butchering the children of their political opponents? What will they do next? Distance themselves from breathing because that mass murdering scum breathes -- sad to say -- as well? Those who excuse themselves accuse themselves.

Which leads us to the term "terrorist", which is as falsely as liberally (ha ha) applied here. That man is a mass murderer. Terror is something to establish fear and soften opposition to achieve a political goal within a defined framework. The IRA comes to mind, as does the Basque ETA or -- dare I say it -- Islam, and while multiculturalists and Gutmenschen stumble over their own legs in the attempt to euphemise the countless heinous deeds committed by Muslims in the spirit of Islam as as "isolated cases", conservatives jump the gun in anticipating obedience to declare that they have nothing to do with this mass murderer. Who would have thought so.

There is another aspect, maybe the most irritating one. 800 young people plus attendants, coaches and other carers -- there must have been a three-figure number of able-bodied men in their late teens or twenties on that island. The murderer had to load and re-load that gun again and again during those hellish 90 minutes. However, as far as we know, no attempt was made to overpower him. Different from the people of Hero Flight 93, the young people would even have had a decent chance to survive. Is that the outcome of more than 40 years of misandry, of denouncing and criminalising the best qualities of the male sex? Have they heard once to often the debased creed that "violence has never taken anybody anywhere"? God help us!


Alligator said...

Nora, in many states we have what we call "conceal and carry laws". Individuals who take the training and get a permit can carry a concealed firearm. The hue and cry from the Left is that it will be the wild, wild West with gunfights in the street. Well, that hasn't happened. The gangs like the Bloods, Crips, Hell's Angels, Sons of Satan, MS 13 and other drug cartels were already disregarding the law and having gun battles and drive by shootings in the streets when it suited them.

With conceal and carry, violent crime rates drop because criminals don't know if their 'victim' is armed or not. There are places in the USA where Breivik would have been taken out in less than 30 seconds after he started shooting. Then there are other places in the country where he could have produced the same disastrous results and it would have taken the police nearly as long to respond. You can probably guess the political atmosphere of each of these respective areas.

The_Editrix said...

'gator, I read somewhere that the freedom to carry arms is an indication of the freedom/liberty (I never know the difference) of a society in general. Of course there will be no Wildwest shooting sprees. Just think what YOU, a law-abiding, fair and just citizen would do. Well, the vast majority of people are law-abiding, fair and just. Isn't it precious to see what concept of mankind the Left have?

Every single school shooting of which I can think, here or at your end, would have ended with a much lower death-toll or may not have happened at all. Why do you think, El Al flights are not hijacked anymore?

Universal Realist said...

I does seem when an insane murder who happens to espouse extreme conservative or Christian beliefs then the media and every liberal wants to paint all conservatives and Christians as the same. And God forbid if someone has conservative/Christian beliefs and owns guns. Yet if a liberal does something crazy then it’s explained simple as he’s insane and does not represent Liberal.

In Arizona back in January of this year a young man by the named Jared Loughner walked in to a political rally and killed six people U.S. District Court Judge and wounded 14 others including a U.S. Representative. At first liberals and the liberal media claimed the shooter was a sane cold calculated right wing extremist because he attacked a Democrat Congresswoman and used a gun and had a shaved head. They blamed conservatives for creating this monster but it turned out to be a young man who politically was neither left or right but to me he seemed more left leaning than right who and who had a history of drug use and mental issues. And now the liberal media just calls him insane because they couldn’t prove he was a follower of conservative views. So according to liberals a murder who has conservative or Christian views will be a monster and represents all conservatives but if the murder has liberal views then he/she is just insane person who need help and the system failed them.

I not comfortable to comment on what the victims of the Norwegian shooting should have or shouldn’t have done. We never know what we would do until we are in such a situation. But the Arizona shooter was stopped by four or five citizens when he stop to reload he dropped a loaded magazine and a woman grabbed it away from him then someone hit him with a folding chair in the back of the head then a 74 year old retired Army Colonel who was already wounded by the shooter tackled him and two others jump on him and help to subdue him. These people had no time to think or organize they just reacted. But in all fairness basic human instinct is first to run from danger. Oh by the way Arizona is Right to Carry States and no one used a gun to stop Loughner. Even though at it’s known at least one of the individuals was carrying a gun and was ready to pull it from it’s holster and shoot Loughner but chose not to and helped physically subdue him. So not all citizens who may own a gun feel the need to carry a gun and if they do it doesn’t mean they will use it.

The_Editrix said...

Not all belief-systems lead LOGICALLY to mass murder. Marx' "Kapital" did not LOGICALLY lead to the GULAG. Hitler's "Mein Kampf" did LOGICALLY lead to the death camps. The Koran leads LOGICALLY to bloodshed, murder, genocide, misery.

So Breivik had ideas that are commonly perceived as "conservative". Did that lead to what he did? You must be joking. I hope he didn't like icecream, because then I won't eat it anymore as it leads to mass murder.

Universal Realist said...

Editrix said, “I hope he didn't like icecream, because then I won't eat it anymore as it leads to mass murder.”

Well a far left Liberal Atheist would answer it this way. It’s fine to like ice cream but if you only like vanilla ice cream then you’re a racist. If you’re a racist then you’re a conservative. If you’re a conservative then you’re a Christian. If you’re a Christian then you believe in God. If you believe in God then you believe in something that doesn’t exists. If you’re believe in something that doesn’t exist then you’re crazy and dangerous.

Why is it Liberal only see the Christianity has dangerous becuase it believes in a God? Why do Liberals and Atheist only criticize Christianity? Liberal show tolerance to other beliefs such as Islam, Earth based beliefs, Paganism, Satanism, Voodoo, Hinduism, Buddhism, etc… (I think Judaism is kind of on the fence). It seems the only Christianity they will tolerate is the ones only accepts homosexuality, women ministers and pacifism (unless Liberal views are threaten).

Why is it Liberals will respect Islam even though it itself does not accept homosexuality or for the most part women rights as well as having laws that accept forms of punishment that range from torture, to mutilation and extreme acts of violent executions? Why is it a crazy Islam extremist that find things in the Koran to justify killing innocent people, it’s viewed by Liberals as our own fault, but if a crazy white person who finds things in the Bible to justify killing innocent people, Liberals will say it’s Christianity’s fault?

I know there are crazy violent-prone Christians and even extreme crazy Christian groups out there but I believe they are a minority and a small one at that.

Sorry if I went off topic.

Anne said...

The perp will benefit from slack laws in Norway, I hear he cannot get more than 21 years. This is terrible. Are there no crimes in Norway that call for life in prison?

People say, we are not after revenge, but really, this guy is really dangerous and needs to put away for good.

Universal Realist said...

Here something I find interesting,
Debunking 6 Myths About Anders Breivik

The_Editrix said...

Thanks, Chris! Here, the official stage of knowledge is that he is a "Christian fundamentalist", which is a godsend for the mainstream who can now claim that as much as Christianity isn't to be blamed for Breivik's deed, Islam can't be blamed for Muslim terrorism.

The nutcases have taken over the loony bin.

Anne, it's the same in Germany and I'd wager in all Western European countries. And while the prisons in Germany are no holiday camps, the Norwegian prisons seem to be. I quote from the Polish newspaper GAZETA WYBORCZA translating the German translation:

"Anders Breivik will be living in a comfortable prison cell without bars the next couple of years. He will be able to go riding and to play volleyball, will have days on the beach and enjoy a sauna. That is what Norwegian prisons look like."

Anne said...

What is the "National Democratic Party" in Germany? NYT reports calls to ban it.

Are these neo-Nazi's?

The_Editrix said...

Anne yes, they are Neo Nazis.

I fail to understand why they have been allowed to exist in the first place, but as they they are NOT illegal they ought to enjoy the same liberties the other political parties do. But the NPD will never be banned because they are needed to give the leftist mainstream an opportunity to "fight against the Right".

Also, half of the staff of the Office for the Protection of the Constitution would be redundant without the NPD.

If you go to the bottom of the page you'll see a search facility. Put in "NPD". I have written numerous times about it.

Alligator said...

Chris, that was an excellent article about those 6 Myths about Breviek. Thanks for the link. Your analysis of how leftists reach their "conclusions" about people is spot on. I know a person who openly admits to "leaning towards Marxist-Leninist thought" and he follows this thinking process exactly. When he is around, I will occasionally turn on a conservative talk show like Limbaugh or Beck just get things stirred up and have a little fun :)

I have been absolutely astonished though to find certain people supporting or condoning what Breviek did. It is surreal that these individuals can damn Islamic terrorism (and rightfully so) turn around and use the same kind of twisted, sick logic to justify what Breviek did and call him a hero.

The trouble is, when you have an evil incident on this scale, you have governments that use these incidents to expand their power, saying it must "step in" to prevent this from happening again. Really government cannot prevent a lunatic from doing something. It can only react. In the end, the mass of the citizens suffer more loss of personal liberty because of one nut job.

Anne said...

Thanks for the info. I am glad to hear there are not many of them. Der Spiegel had a article about neo-Nazi's but they gave no figures at all about how many there might be.

There are nutcases in every country.