February 03, 2004

Get laid more often, Americans!

An event of earth-shattering proportions shook America lately. Was it a second attack on a major landmark by Muslim terrorists? Did the Iraqi "insurgents" invent the atomic bomb? Nothing of that sort. It was worse. A show-biz-whore exposed a part of one of her breasts publicly.

Dear America, do you have to go out of your way for it or does hysteria and obtuseness come naturally to you as soon as the three letters "s", "e" and "x" are mentioned in consecutive order?

For heaven's sake, there is a war on in Iraq, people are dying on a daily basis and save old Teabag-Country you are quite alone to lead it. That is an abomination against all standards of decency, justice and fairness and a shame for the whole rest of the "Free World" -- at least so I think. And YOU are worrying about a tit some some creepazoid slut exposed publicly!

One doesn't bring up children as decent human beings by banning the sight of bare breasts from them. What about your drug and violence problems? Your disgusting prom-and beauty-contest cult, which teaches young women to be just as disgusting as Jackson, just not as obvious at selling one's physical assets? Isn't THAT something to worry about instead about a bare boob, which children won't probably not even notice if they haven't been prematurely sexed by their parents' fears and obsessions and hadn't those very parents screamed "murder" at its sight and thus gave it an importance it clearly doesn't had.

Go and get your priorities right.

God help America, and I am being NOT sarcastic!

(AP photo: Ms. Jackson's [whoever that is -- did I spell the name correctly?] clearly "inadvertently" exposed tit! After all, we ALL wear nipple adornments like that ALL the time, right, Girlzz?)