March 30, 2004

Smile, Leon Klinghoffer!

Wherever you are and whenever people are ranting about the death of the other "poor crippled man in a wheelchair".


fpb said...

A little background.
The greatest comic-book artist of all time, Jack Kirby, born Jacob Kurtzberg in the Jewish ghetto of New York City, knew Klinghoffer as a young man. They were all, he says, tough street kids who learned early to assert themselves, and Klinghoffer himself was especially notable for his mouth. Kirby says that he has always been certain that his old friend was murdered because, even in a wheelchair, he would not bend his head or accept any insults from any Arab punk. Kirby himself died in 1994, covered with laurels and universally loved, the acknowledged King of his arform; and one imagines that Klinghoffer, too, must have come a long way from his street kid roots, if he could afford a Mediterranean cruise in his old age.

The_Editrix said...

Thanks for the background, Fabio! Yes, Klinghoffer must have been quite a tough guy and I am sure that he had answered back to them.