April 13, 2004

A Belated Happy Easter

I have been to Holland over most of the holidays. With Princess Juliana recently dead and buried, I remembered a hilariously funny joke I heard at the time when the (then) Princess Beatrix firmly declared that she wanted to marry the German diplomat and petty aristocrat Claus von Amsberg:

Question: Frau von Amsberg (Claus' mother) disapproves of the marriage. Any idea why?
Answer: Because Prince Bernhard was in the SS!

BWAAAHAHAHAHAHA... that is STILL funny!!!

And remember, that the Dutch government banned the father of the future queen consort from the wedding to that fat blob of an heir to the throne (how on earth could Claus von Amsberg have fathered THAT?) because daddy was a teaboy in the government of some long-forgotten South-American amateur autocrat.