November 13, 2005

French riots: Media coverup for antisemitic rants

According to some French, or Francophone, viewers, including my friend Gudrun Eussner who lives in France, French cable channel Canal+ changed the dubbing of "Sarkozy, sale juif" ("Sarkozy, dirty Jew!") to "Sarkozy, fasciste!" ("Sarkozy, Fascist!").

Another source is the blog "Dieu est mon Roi", but what do we expect of a blog with such a scandalously non-PC name anyway! Yet another source is Leon De Winter's FREE WEST blog. There, a reader informs us that it seems as if French conservative sites, which view the pussyfooting around the riots critically, are censored by blocking access to these sites for French internet users.

This is not verified, but does not seem, to put it cautiously, improbable.

Here is some more information from Daniel Pipes' blog regarding Sarkozy's use of the epithet "scum" for that violent... well, scum that is rioting in France, plus, much more important, regarding another media hushup:
In fact he [Sarkozy] used the term "racaille" which would be better translated as rabble or riff-raff, and is probably close to the current American idiom of gangbangers as applied to the Crips, Bloods, Latin KIngs, or Mara Salvatrucha.

Sarkozy used the term in a television interview with a woman from one of the affected "banlieues" who was complaining about the lack of police response. She used the term racaille in her complaint, and Sarkozy repeated it in his answer to her. The television news show that ran the story cut out the film of the woman and showed Sarkozy's words as a sound bite. You can find a detailed summary of this at the No Pasaran blog.

What's more, "racaille" is the term that France's suburban slum hoodlums use for themselves... The American equivalent would be people who refer to themselves as gangstas.
Give me a break! That man is by the standards of the Nürnberg racial law a Vierteljude, quarter Jew and not a Jew by any other standard. You are not telling me that the illiterate rioting scum did find that out by themselves, are you? Or bribed the media into multiple hushups?

Kind of makes my point that Pavlovianesque Old Europe will still be drooling at the sound of the word "Jew" and will gladly commit suicide if it's only detrimental to Jews. "Quarter Jews" included.

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