November 28, 2005

Geography for Dhimmis

You have no idea what that is? I'll tell you!

Sad to say, I don't ever watch television and listen hardly ever to the wireless, save in the car. Tonight at 18:00, when I came home from exercising the dogs, I listened to WDR2 and its hourly news. Well, fact is, the EU signed a last-minute agreement with its partners from the Mediterranean rim on a mutual code of conduct to fight terrorism. A compromise was found to leave out both, one side's insistence that self-determination could not be used to justify terrorism, and the other side's demand to distinguish between terrorism and the right to resist foreign occupation.

So far so bad. But what really made it worth listening was the doctoring the WDR-editors had done even to such an uneventful snippet of news. It was always the EU versus the "southern abutting states of the Mediterranean", "die südlichen Anrainerstaaten des Mittelmeers". Several times those "südliche Anrainerstaaten des Mittelmeers" were quoted. Not even once was a term like "Arab" or -- horribile dictu -- Muslim mentioned. Everything to be a good little cultural relativist Dhimmi!

By the way, has anybody seen any Tibetan monks lately performing terrorist acts to "resist" Chinese occupation of almost 55 years? Or any German Lefties clad in yellow rags or goatskin apparel rallying for the rights of the oppressed Tibetan people?