November 28, 2005

The Spirit of Entebbe

Today, Spirit of Entebbe posts an interesting finding, namely one of those masturbatory, inane, hypocritical German projects, which are supposedly undertaken for the sake of improving "the Jewish-German relationship" when its only real purpose is to make the Germans feel good and noble.
Living in Denial.
While in Jerusalem, a member of the "Young Socialists", the youth organization of the German government party SPD, proudly handed me a flyer advertising the "Willy Brandt Center Jerusalem" whose self-proclaimed goal it is to "provide young Israelis and Palestinians with nonviolent and effective communication strategies." The center "orientates itself according to the ideas of the civic peace service in combination with social democratic values." On its cover, the flyer shows the symbols of all the parties and groups the center co-operates with: Young Socialists, Meretz, Awoda and Young Fatah.

If we take a closer look, we can see that only the symbol of one organization is not fully visible:

For the service of our readers, we are below publishing the complete symbol of Fatah, proudly showing two AK-47 assault rifles, a hand grenade and the shape of all of Palestine, including Israel, conveniently painted in the color of Islam. Might it be that this does not really fit the "ideas of the civic peace service?" On inquiry, my friend the Young Socialist explained: "They just took a picture of the pinboard." Judge for yourselves.

BOOM! The German Gutmenschen have fucked it up AGAIN! Hand me down my sick-bag please!

More than twenty years ago I contemplated applying for a PhD scholarship from the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung, affiliated to the Social Democratic Party. That was long before the pest of "political correctness" entered public awareness and discourse. I got the forms to fill in for the application and was so disgusted by the intrusive (and silly -- I mean there was and is no way of verifying lip-service avowals of being "good" -- "good" in the meaning of the organisation asking for such self-credentials, of course) questions about one's personality and character that I disposed the stuff to where I thought it belonged -- the dustbin.

That all this would one day be part of a greater political context and not just a personal nuisance was, at least for me, unthinkable at that time. But then, at that time The Raid on Entebbe had already happened and the fact that Germans -- again and only 31 years after the end of the Holocaust -- had "selected" Jews with the clear intention of murder, had pretty much escaped my attention. As had the fawning note by the KPD (the German Communist party) addressed at "His Excellency" Idi Amin and which ensured the "deeply felt compassion" and "unlimited solidarity" the KPD had for Idi Amin Dada.

In the meantime the PC-Thought-Police has taken over the entire country and even the unspeakablest of representatives of the people are allowed to mouth their opinion and are -- are we amazed? -- even taken seriously. Every person with one tiny little grain of honesty left should throw screaming tantrums at the sight and sound of dangerous and hypocritical bullshit like "special relationship between Germany and Israel" or "Germany's position as a neutral partner in the Middle East".

As it is, it's all pretty quiet round here.

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