November 28, 2005

Send social workers to Pakistan!

News from the Pakistani Daily Times, which haven't, as I write this, not yet made the Western media:
Sunday, November 27, 2005
Man chops off sister’s legs for marrying by choice

MULTAN: A man chopped off the legs of his sister for marrying the man of her choice in Naseerabad in Bahawalpur on Friday, a police official said. Arif Nawaz, the Bahawalpur district police officer (DPO), told Daily Times on phone on Saturday that Naseem Bibi, 20, had secretly married Saeed Ahmed, 25, but her brother Bashir Ahmed, who was against the love marriage, registered a kidnapping case against her husband. Naseem refuted her brother’s allegations before Additional Superintendent of Police Chaudhry Muhammad Salim and told him that she was Saeed Ahmad’s lawful wife. The police discharged the case. On Friday, Bashir Ahmed, with the abetment of local councillor Faiz Rasool, allegedly cut his sister’s legs with a chopper when she was working in fields. The attackers also beat her husband and his brother Abdul Hameed severely. Naseem was taken to the Bahawal Victoria Hospital Bahawalpur where her condition was serious, the DPO said. “The police have registered a case against the accused nominated by Saeed Ahmed,” he said. staff report
Ah well, we must try to understand... It's part of his culture, after all. Every religion has its good and its bad sides and who are we to judge! In lower Bavaria, they treat women exactly as badly! Besides, Islam is a religion of peace, really. It's a cry of help, you know. The guy wasn't really able to express the love for is sister in a more appropriate way. Never forget that Islam is a religion of peace!

Nod and thanks to Itbak al Filasteen.