November 26, 2005

Wash your mouth with soap, Beeb!

Or still better: sulphuric acid!

I think this ist just perfectly placed in the Beeb's "Entertainment" section:
Arafat report 'broke BBC rules'

The BBC governors have upheld part of a complaint against a journalist who said she "started to cry" as a dying Yasser Arafat left the West Bank in 2004.
Her comments "breached the requirements of due impartiality", they ruled.

Barbara Plett was initially cleared by the head of editorial complaints over the From Our Own Correspondent report on Radio 4 but a listener appealed.

The ruling related to her description of a scene when the Palestinian leader was flown out of his compound.

"When the helicopter carrying the frail old man rose from his ruined compound, I started to cry," she said in the 30 October 2004 broadcast.

Yasser Arafat died on 11 November 2004 at a French military hospital in Paris.

'Tearful eulogy'

Ms Plett's piece led to hundreds of complaints from listeners.

The BBC Governors' Programme Complaints Committee upheld part of the appeal.

The committee rejected the assertion by the person who appealed that the report was a "tearful eulogy" and a "flagrant violation" of editorial guidelines.

It said Ms Plett's report was balanced by references to Mr Arafat's "obvious failings".

But the governors concluded that the reference to crying did breach the guidelines on due impartiality.

The BBC's director of news, Helen Boaden has apologised for what she described as an "editorial misjudgement".

She said it appeared Plett "unintentionally gave the impression of over-identifying with Yasser Arafat and his cause".

The governors said they approved of the "rapid and comprehensive way" in which Ms Boaden had apologised to those who were offended.
For the Beeb to use the term "requirements of due impartiality", it needs so much scummy hypocrisy and chutzpah that only a good rinse with soap and water will help.

Besides, why did they send a PMSing dumb broad to cover that absurd event anyway? The paedophile old queen was (AT LAST!) well and truly on his final trip, so a male reporter might have gotten away unmolested.


k.h said...

The woman was ALWAYS reporting on suicide bombers against Israel with much glee.
It always made wonder how much were those reporters paid by Arafat and Co.
The BBC is like watching AL_JEEZERA on Thames.They could not be more Dhimmies if they tried.

The_Editrix said...

It never occured to me that they might be paid. In a weird way, I would find it a relief that they do it for money.

No, I think they are forwarding their crap quite unsolicitedly. No monetary nudge needed. (Which doesn't mean that is is never ACCEPTED!) Antisemitism is so deeply ingrained in the European culture that people usually don't even notice that they are being just that.

Here in Germany it's even more odious, because of our Nazi past, antisemitism from the Left is anathema and a great excuse to revel in it quite uninhibitedly. "Only Nazis are antisemites so we can't be!" What they conveniently forget is the "Socialist" in Nazi. The German Nazis had little in common with the Rightwing Fascist movement, which was, by the way, not even pronouncedly antisemitic.

Ah well... another German tradition based on some self-deceptive life-long illusion.

The_Editrix said...

By the way, LOVE "Al Jazeera-on- Thames". With your permission I'd like to use it. It somehow compliments the "Al Guardian" nicely!