February 28, 2006

Little David Irvings

Forget the UN, PETA, SIZE, NOW or ISM! Here is the stupidest organisation that ever existed: QUIT!
Queers Undermining Israeli Terrorism
(Yes, your eyes are NOT letting you down!)

From the organisation's statement:
Palestine is by no means unique in being a place where gay people are threatened, abused or tortured by the police. It happens in every western society, including in San Francisco. Palestinian queers are also not alone in being in danger in the small conservative towns and villages where their families live, or in being threatened with violence from their own families.
That reminds me of a conversation I had a long time ago, when Betty Mahmoodi's "Not without my Daughter" hit the bookshops and I was informed by some crone that things for women in Lower Bavaria were just as bad. I asked whether that was including the beatings by the religion police when a bit of skin was visible under the chador and she remained adamant that, yes, that was the case.

My first reaction was to grant those QUIT guys a charitable guess and that whatever causes homosexuality, hormones, brain metabolism or whatever (frankly I don't care all that much) might have affected not just their sex life but their thinking as well, but on second thoughts, when I remembered David Irving and his almost sacrificial abandoning of career, reputation, livelihood and fortune for an obsession, [see my blog entry on his recent trial in Austria] I suddenly twigged.

As an aside: I googled for the terms "gays" and "Muslim countries" and was stunned by the number of apologetic and relativising sites, praising the tolerant past of Islam.

Oh well, so what else is new. As far as I'm concerned, send them all to the "occupied territories".