March 05, 2006

Übermenschen in PC Mode

I just unearthed this from a back number of the German weekly DER STERN (48/2005, p. 26). It's by the cartoonists Greser & Lenz:

The first and original two columns of the monument with the Iron Cross on top are headed: "To Our War Victims" and the added column "dedicated to". (Yes, that would be the correct word order in German.)

The three individual (and obviously consecutive) colums are headed: "World War I", "World War II", and "Afghanistan".

The caption below says: "Things are starting to look brighter now: The communities have started to invest again". (Meaning: in monuments for dead soldiers - haha!)

Yes, the Deutsche Bundeswehr has lost about 20 soldiers since they started their mission in Afghanistan. Of course that merits a comparison with WWI and WWII or doesn't it? Even though THIS TIME Germany had surely no hand in starting it. But didn't you know that German lifes are more precious than others? Always have been?

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