March 05, 2006

The reality and satire thingy...

Can somebody help me and explain what this brainfart is trying to say?
Damen und Herr. It's not attacking, giving in like kind. What puzzles me about Nora is that she seems to have all the answers, in her own mind that is. There are no life perplexing questions with her. No mysteries. Everything is all nicely figured out. And God forbid if one asks an intentionally provocative question to spur debate on a subject. That is unforgivable, to that Cyber Vixen self styled Think Tank of One, passing judgement on all. Judge, jury and verbal executioner. And to those that are on the road to discovery and happen to cross her path, they will be rebuked for not having what she would deem as the proper advancement towards "enlightenment". IT'S A PROCESS, NORA. Different people are on different parts of the road at different times. Ridiculing them is not the best of ways to win them over, understand? And wasn't having all the answers what got the Germans into such trouble in the first place? Grow up, Nora. And I find it most amusing that Nora satirizes the drinking of spirits since it is well known Catholic history that fine German beer was perfected in German Catholic Monasteries. A German with a thing against drinking? What kind of German are you, Gerty? A woman with a thing against flirting? The French would call you a prude, Nora. Why don't you have some fun in life, instead of playing the thought Gestapo looking over everyone's shoulders for what you deem are inappropriate speech patterns?

Out of respect for the Host I will not post this one on Roncesvalles but I'm guessing you will be reading here anyway, so why bother. And your site gets zero traffic anyway, Beach!! So why not come back here and vex us in person. Come back and take it like the man that you are. This goes to show you that conservatives can fight amongst themselves as well as "progressives" can. I, too, found Nora's politics compatible but her personality? No.

And, Nora, why don't you post the rest of my "masterpiece". You stop right where the Catholics are helping the Orthodox. You leave out the best part of the story. But then you like to print only Catholic history I guess. Get a grip, Gretchen. What in the hell do you know about Goethe anyway, Martha!! Mephistopheles decaf is right!!
Gosh, methinks that with friends like THAT, the armchair warrior doesn't need any enemies.