March 07, 2006

But OF COURSE fat is no disease!

It's a character flaw!

This grossly fat child, not all that amazingly stuffing the mouth of the poor dog with some object, wasn't freed from captivity by the witch from Hänsel und Gretel who force fed it to have a nice juicy roast, but removed from foster care back to a mother who had allowed that child to become such a monstrosity in the first place.
February 21, 2005 Update: ISAA is delighted to announce that Dakota Main was returned to his mother on Saturday, February 19, 2005. ISAA believes that it was the lobbying efforts from the public -- from you -- that made the difference in this weight-related child removal to foster care. ISAA sends its heartfelt congratulations to Dakota (why do the children of those idiots always have to have such crappy names?), his mother and his family in friends.
Don't I just LOVE those American euphemisms! "Late-term abortion" is the butchering of a living, healthy, mature child as long as it hasn't completey passed the birth canal, "affirmative action" it's what they call sheer and undiluted racism nowadays and the removal of a child from a mother who had allowed her perfectly ordinary child child to become a fat monstrosity with a high potential for diseases, not to mention the laughing stock among the children in the neighbourhood (yes, children are, in spite of the worst efforts of their parents, mostly cruel little bastards and extremely non-PC) they call "weight-related child removal".


Behind this case of child-abuse an organisation called ISAA - International Size Acceptance Association is lurking, just another one of those "ITSEVERYBODYELSESBUTNOTMYFAULT" organisations that do more damage to society than Al Quaida, NOI, PETA and the Communist Manifesto together.

No doubt, telling women that fat is beautiful goes down very well with the lazy and slovens -- and is akin to prescribing tranquilizers to a person who suffers from the squits so that he (or rather she) doesn't mind anymore shitting her pants.

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Alphadominance said...

Personal responsibility is definitely out of vogue in the US. Sad but true.

The_Editrix said...

We will be there soon as well. We are adapting all the bad things from America, while we ridicule and revile the good ones.