March 08, 2006

Progenitor A, forgive them...

From the Telegraph website:
How’s your 'Progenitor A?'
By David Rennie, Europe Correspondent
(Filed: 07/03/2006)

Spain has taken another step in its journey from conservative to liberal bastion by creating new birth certificates to avoid discrimination against same-sex couples.

According to an announcement in the Official Bulletin of State "The expression "father" will be replaced with "Progenitor A", and "mother" will be replaced with "Progenitor B"."

The head of the national Civil Register, Pilar Blanco-Morales, told the newspaper ABC that the change took account of a new law on same-sex marriages passed by the socialist government in July.

The move has prompted sharp criticism from conservatives and family groups who said language was being rewritten to "brainwash" the Spanish into accepting a new definition of parenthood.
But Miss Blanco-Morales said the new birth certificates upheld Spanish traditions, including the custom that a Spaniard has two surnames, one from their father and one from their mother.
"Our Progenitor A, Who art in heaven, Hallowed be Thy Name..."

Oh yes and did I mention lately that real life beats satire any time?

(Thanks to EURIENT!)