April 11, 2006

The Bush Derangement Syndrome

This is a post from Dick, an old gentleman who is casting his pearls before the swine at an unfathomably idiotic message board. If I go there, I do it to read his analytic and witty posts. Here is what he has to say about "Dubbya":
Say what you will about George Bush... but he ain't afraid of anyone or anything

Whether it is bravado...or stupidity I don't know...but fear seems to be an unkown emotion to him...
To me, that is the ultimate thing that can be said about the man! I have yet to see a picture where he does NOT look like a complete idiot, but somebody who is hated by each and every moron and evildoer on earth can't be all bad.

So we have finally an explanation for what Charles Krauthammer calls the Bush Derangement Syndrome, namely "the acute onset of paranoia in otherwise normal people in reaction to the policies, the presidency -- nay -- the very existence of George W. Bush."

Everybody who knows me is aware that I am rather a fan of the Queen and that I don't have much time for GWB, but when he fouled-up the lawn at Buckingham Palace with his helicopters, that was PRICELESS! Sheer and undiluted cheek! Right or wrong, polite or rude, only an utterly fearless man would do anything like that. Don't all the scum anti-elitists of the world just LONG to give the Queen the finger? He did and got away with it. They are just jealous of him!