April 10, 2006

Federation Internationale de Fornication avec des Arabes

This incredible snippet of information is from the European Jewish Press:
Controversy over FIFA's questioning of Israeli army action

By Jeremy Last in Jerusalem
Updated: 10/Apr/2006 16:12

The world governing body of football (FIFA) has caused a storm of controversy after it demanded an explanation from the Israeli ambassador to Switzerland for an Israeli artillery strike on a football stadium in Gaza.

Jerome Champagne, the delegate to FIFA's special affairs president, last week wrote to Aviv Shiron at the Israeli embassy asking about the firing at the stadium on 30 March, even though the organisation says it does not get involved in politics.

The Israeli strike came in retaliation for continuing Palestinian kassam rocket attacks from Gaza, which ironically included one rocket which hit a football pitch in a kibbutz close to Ashkelon the day before.

No one was injured in the Israeli strike as the Israeli army said they had been careful to make sure the stadium was unpopulated, whereas one person was injured in the kassam attack.
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Yeah! That is the same FIFA, la Federation Internationale de Fornication avec des Arabes, that got their knickers in a terrible knot when the Taliban used a football stadium (built with international humanitarian funds) for mass executions and amputations during half time to attract maximum publicity. Not.

And I don't even dare asking what their stance was when a certain South American dictator used a football stadium for similar purposes, although retrospectively, he appears to be more of a gifted amateur than a true professional in the field of mass murder, at least compared with the Taliban and others that came later.

Now I think of it, really nobody of those who got their knickers in a knot over Uncle Augusto at that time cared much about the Taliban.

Well, the many friends I lost are good riddance, really!

Edited to add: Here am I, so proud of the topicality of my post when several other bloggers beat me to that, namely Liza's Welt (Views on Politics and Football) and Spirit of Entebbe. The latter coined the inspired phrase: People for the Ethical Treatment of Soccer Stadiums:
What PETA is for animals, FIFA is now likely to become for soccer stadiums.

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