April 10, 2006

A Collective Psychogram

By chance I came across the website of a Christian organisation that goes by the name of Open Bethlehem. Its main and, so it seems, only purpose is to assist Arabs to go on murdering Jews in the Holy Land.

One can write messages on a virtual wall. Predictably, German participation is quite lifely. After all, each and every crime, real or perceived, committed by Jews reduces the German guilt.

I give you here a couple of "writings" by those who have identified themselves as German. Not to collide with some of the idot German "data protection" laws, I leave out the names and locations. Just click HERE to look them up.

  • "Niemand hat die Absicht eine Mauer zu bauen."
    "No one is planning to build a wall."
    Walter Ulbricht, President of the GDR shortly before the Berlin wall was build. [sic!]

  • Dear inhabitants of Bethlehem,
    from my visits in the town of birth of our Lord I know your suffering, your oppression, your daily life. But: no IDF, no wall, no checkpoint or terminal, no israel. tourguide, no soldier will impede us to come to Bethlehem. Now we will come more then ever to give you a sign of our solidarity.
    I appeal to all Christians and people of good will in the world, to come to Bethlehem, not only for 2 hours, but to stay in the Bethlehem Hotels, to see what is going on in this big open air prison.
    "Let us go to Bethlehem, to see what has happend there" Lk 2,15.
    Now its about time Y O U will come to see! [Obviously, the writer, a Catholic priest, has no problems with the desecration of the nativity Church by Palestinian terrorists.]

  • Against governmental terrorism

  • Apartheid is not a permanent solution for keeping up an illegal occupation. It is the best way to live in a state of war forever.

  • Mr. Scharon, open this gate! Mr. Scharon, tear down this wall!

  • International solidarity with the Palestinians!
    Let love and peace rule the world! [Click HERE for some Palestinian love and peace.]

  • our wall was destroyed in 1989
    your wall will be the next

  • It is only a matter of time till freedom is coming

  • Peace and freedom for ALL people of this world. Walls cant break freedom of mind. [No, but they are doing a pretty good job at stopping murderous terrorist scum!]

  • Is this wall the pride of human creation? [No. Did somebody say it was?]

  • History showed, that walls are no solution! What happened in Berlin when there was a wall? Did it help? no, it made it worse!!!
    Stop this nonesense!
  • Die Mauer muss weg!

  • Die Mauer muss weg! (The wall must fall!)

  • be strong!!stop the wall!! [...and let Arabs go on murdering Jews!]

  • A bird, an idea and the solidarity never perceive this wall as an obstacle, until it will fall one day. As long as terrorists hell-bent on murdering Jews perceive it as an obstacle it doesn't matter much who or what DOES NOT perceive it as an obstacle.]
Those entries are not by a few nutcases, mind you. They are pretty much mirroring the German mainstream.

We Germans have a reputation of being bright. I am asking myself why such a bright people can not, or don't want to, understand the difference between a wall that kept law abiding people in and from leaving the country and a wall that keeps mass-murderous terrorist scum out.

But then, the Holocaust-by-proxy idea is, after all, not new, or is it?

None of the people shot dead at the Berlin Wall was a terrorist and, as far as I am concerned, too few terrorists are shot dead at the other wall, over which all those simpering nitwits are drooling. Don't those implicit genocidal airheads REALLY don't see how they are besmirching the memory of Peter Fechter and all the many other victims of the Berlin Wall and the murderous regime hiding behind it or do they just don't care?

It was, after all, a 'comfortable dictatorship' ('kommode Diktatur'), or so one of the icons of all peaceful- and just-minded Germans, our Nobel Laureate Günter Grass, said.

Germans, as much as they may disagree on everything else and as little they may care about the Berlin Wall, are suddenly, temporarily and passionately against this specific edifice as long as it serves as a useful comparison with the anti-terrorism wall in Israel.

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Watcher said...

Unbelievable. It's as if someone said "All stupid people please post here". And so the stupid people did.