April 06, 2006

Idealists Working together for a Higher Order

In today's SPIEGEL ONLINE yet another article can be found, which is so utterly, incredibly and absolutely full of excrement that I will only introduce the highlight (or is it "lowlight"?) here. The comparison ("another head of state") of Ehud Olmert with the genocidal scum that goes by the name of "Palestinian Authority" is beyond contempt, but beat THAT:
Still, it is highly unlikely that Hamas leaders would embezzle EU funds. Unlike the officials of the former ruling Fatah movement, Hamas's devout Islamists are considered largely immune to corruption. Instead, they are more likely to misappropriate the EU funds to further their religious cause.
Do you get it? Those unspeakable Schmocks call it "corruption" when a politician gets undue discounts on air tickets, uses the department's car pool once too often or palms off a daily as an intern, but by-passing funds for humanitarian and educational purposes to a genocidal death cult is... WHAT?

Oh that is SO German! Committing crimes is alright as long at it is not for money but out of "idealism" and for a Higher Order, however depraved, or, as Henryk M. Broder put it in one of his more brilliant moments: "German idealism is not prepared to tolerate that "Blood for Oil" might be spilled. The only thing for which blood should be spilled is blood...".

Idealists working together for a Higher Order.

Alright, that was that, and next time I will tell you what I REALLY think!

(Thanks to Gudrun Eussner who helped me to clarify my thoughts on that!)

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