April 03, 2006

Dirty Tricks

The totally over-the top and irrational hatred towards Dutch liberal politician Geert Wilders, based on the fact that he opposes the Islamization of Europe, is truly amazing . In an article in The New Yorker Magazine headed The Dutch Model, Holland faces its radical Muslims, Jane Parker describes Geert Wilders as follows:
“Geert Wilders, a flamboyant but straight version of Pim Fortuyn whose claim to serious attention had mainly to do with the number of dead threats he received.”

Well, yes. Taking into consideration that he received those death threads FROM MUSLIMS, there MUST be something to what he says or would ordinary, run-of-the-mill political opponents issue death threats?

The recent BBC "Hardtalk" interview with Stephen Sackur is particularly interesting and revealing.

Most of the interview went well, with Wilders explaining that the immigrants to the Netherlands tend to be almost exclusively Muslims. He explained problems and crimes among the 5 - 15% of European Muslims who 'are sympathetic' to the views of the violent Jihad

At one point, Wilders stated that, to combat spiralling crime, criminal Muslim immigrants ought to be deported and stripped of their Dutch citizenship after their third offence. Then he said that he would find it 'unacceptable' if Amsterdam, Rotterdam and 20-30 Dutch cities became majority non-white over the next 20 years. Sackur, who is married to an immigrée from a Muslim country, flipped his lid and shouted 'racist' at an obviously befuddled Wilders. It was, quite obviously, a cleverly set trap because the term "white" SACKUR had introduced, must have translated to Wilders as "Western" and he clearly had never mentioned race once before in the entire interview. (Black) Hirsi Ali's and Wilders' concepts are virtually identical and it is doubtful whether Sackur (or anybody else) would have pulled that trick on her.

So much for "racism" and "flamboyance".

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