April 04, 2006

Germrabian Mathematics

Oskar Lafontaine, former mayor of Saarbrücken, former Prime Minister of the federal state Saar-land, former lauder of Erich Honecker, former friend of the red-light milieu of Saarbrücken (which made him pushing through the most repressive press law of all German states after the media got on his trail), former Chancellor candidate of the SPD, former chairman of the SPD, former Federal Minister of Finance in the first government of Gerhard Schröder and current member of the Linkspartei and icon of the Left informs us about Islam: "There are intersections between Leftist politics and Islam", he said, and denounced individualism, called for repressive public welfare and demanded a ban of profit on money lending and concluded: "At a time, when entire national economies are crisis-stricken because the profit expectations have become totally absurd, there is a reason for a dialogue of the Left with the Islamic world."

Why does, in this specific context, the word "inter-section" remind me so eerily of Daniel Pearl and Nick Berg?

(Nod of thanks and hat-tip to Gudrun Eussner and Lizas Welt.)


Moved Elsewhere said...

I have linked to your blog at islamicevil.blogspot.com. I am very pleased to have found an anti-Islamic blog with a German perspective.

The_Editrix said...

Your support is much appreciated, Ken! I reciprocrated your kindness and put up a link to Islamic Evil, URL= http://islamicevil.blogspot.com/

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