May 04, 2006


Al Jazeera has got GREAT news for us:
New Fatah militia to counter Hamas
Wednesday 03 May 2006, 16:50 Makka Time, 13:50 GMT

The Fatah decision has fuelled fears of factional violence

Gunmen from Palestine’s Fatah movement on Wednesday announced the formation of a 2000-strong militia designed to counter new police forces loyal to the Islamist Hamas government.

The creation of such forces has intensified fears among many Palestinians of violence between feuding factions that could destabilise a chaotic security set-up.

Eighty men drafted from disparate Fatah cells jumped over burning tyres and performed other drills in the Gaza Strip, where internal tensions have mounted since Israeli forces and settlers withdrew last year.
(That's all you need to know. Even more really! The "jumping over burning tyres" bit I have just quoted too to add some colour. Hey, since I am taking shooting lessons, I can really appreciate the glorious "military training" the Pals are giving and receiving. Pity for all the nice guns paid for by the EU taxpayer!

Incompetent savages who can't even properly handle a gunValiant freedom fighters protecting helpless stone-throwing children against Istaeli tanks. Thank God they are so damn useless or they'd kill even more innocents and less of their own.

However, should you want to learn more about the Darwin-award-winning new Pal "policy", click HERE!)

There is no irony behind it when I am saying now that I consider Al Jazeera a much more reliable and, specifically, HONEST media souce compared to, say, the Al Guardian or the Beeb.

Everything else that can be said here was said by my wise friend Dick already and better than I ever could:
...just a few more turns folks...and there will be enough Pals armed on either generate a real brisk "police action" during which, with any luck, they will all kill each other...