May 05, 2006

Thanks to John Moredock!

I'd like to return a favour to Mr. John Moredock from The Try-Works blog.

We have little in common regarding Weltanschauung, but everything in the field of style.

In fact, Mr. Moredock has called me a "cantankerous, foul-mouthed, viciously funny, decidedly un-PC rightwing blogger from Germany", a compliment, which I gladly return!

Without the German bit, of course.

I had secret hopes that I come across not QUITE that nice, but I consider it a compliment nevertheless. I am still a newby in the blogosphere, after all!

At least I know now where room for improvement remains. I will not rest until somebody finally calls me "mentally unbalanced creep" or "false, reckless and defamatory". Mr. Moredock, I am jealous!

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