June 22, 2006

No Christian Prayer in German Football Stadiums

The Catholic news service KATH.NET reports that the World Football association FIFA had the chapels of the Berlin Olympic Stadium and the Arena ''auf Schalke'' closed ''out of security considerations and respect for the followers of other religions''. The organisers are in possession of the right of undisturbed possession of the premises for the duration of the World Cup.

The Berlin chapel was supposed to cater for the practising Christians in several teams, among them the Brasilian and South Korean team.

So the FIFA that had the chapels closed would be the same FIFA, la Federation Internationale de Fornication avec des Arabes, who got their knickers in a knot about an Israeli air strike on an empty stadium in the Gaza strip, a strike, which was in retaliation for continuing Palestinian kassam rocket attacks from Gaza, which ironically included one rocket which hit a football pitch in a kibbutz?

Yes! That's the same FIFA that got all hot and bothered when the Taliban used a football stadium (built with international humanitarian funds) for mass executions and amputations during half time to attract maximum publicity. Not.

What a pity we won't see a World Cup in Saudi Arabia any time soon, even if it were only to see the FIFA having the stadium mosques closed!

Thanks to Eurient!