July 14, 2006

Germany's most popular picture today...

... and in the entire media, left right and center.

Yeah, SO funny!

GREAT hosts, aren't we?

Edited to add:

In the course of German waste management of guilt, one of the more tactful convenient comparisons between Bush and nasty German politicians, whom Germans find the more objectionable the longer they are out of office (Adolf Hitler is a popular variant), is Erich Honnecker.

The valiant East Germans who never found him all that irritating while he ruled (and don't get me started on "Ossi" nostalgia!) found the extensive security measures for Bush (now WHO had created this ambience of hatred?) and hand-picked guests to meet the President reminiscent of Bubba Erich's times.

Which they would, of course, still enjoy hadn't it been for another VERY unloved President of the US of A.

Rest in Peace, Gipper!