January 31, 2007

Nobel Laureate Cancels Trip to Germany

The Nobel Prize-winning Turkish author Orhan Pamuk has decided to cancel a trip to Germany at short notice, where he was due to receive an honorary doctorate at Berlin's Free University, prior to a reading tour that was supposed to cover major German cities. The reason for the cancellation was the recent murder of the Turkish-Armenian journalist Hrant Dink, so SPIEGEL ONLINE reported.
...Threats shouted at Pamuk by the alleged mastermind behind that murder seem to have persuaded the author to keep a low profile for the time being.
Pamuk is believed to be concerned about travelling following the assassination of Hrant Dink on Jan. 19. Yasin Hayal, the alleged mastermind behind that murder, declared on his way into court on Jan. 24: "Tell Orhan Pamuk to wise up!" The nationalist is accused of initiating Dink's slaying, having admitted to police that he urged the underage Ogün Samast to carry out the killing and even provided him with the weapon.
The chair of Germany's Islamic Council, Ali Kizilkaya, expressed his disappointment at Pamuk's decision. "A Nobel Prize winner who can't travel is something regrettable," he told the news agency DDP. He called on the author to visit Germany at a later date. "Freedom can't be restricted through threats," he said.
It can and it is -- all the time and to a considerable extent it's not German-, but Sharia law that rules this country. Maybe it is worth a thought whether the presence of a considerable Turkish minority in Germany, well-protected by the state from all impertinent impositions of integration, might have added to Pamuk's decision.

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John Sobieski said...

Germany too eh? France, Spain, England, Netherlands, Belgium, all lost to Islam. Boy this is going to be one wretched century. 20th century is looking better all the time and it has two world wars.

The_Editrix said...

It is here as bad as anywhere else.

If you look at my tags in the sidebar, there are categories dubbed "Germanistan" and "Dhimmitude", which will give you a good overview should you be interested enough. "Gutmenschen" and "PoorPals" are informative as well.

Oh yes, and regarding your screen name, you will like specifically this post.

"20th century is looking better all the time and it has two world wars."

Frightening -- and accurate.