January 26, 2007

Places we wished we had never visited...

Like, say, the German soul.

Liza discovered the following headline from December 27, 2004 in the shortnews of the online version of the magazine DER STERN (of Hitler diaries fame):
Kommunalwahlen in Israel: Fatah weiterhin stärkste Partei
"Which translates to: "Local elections in Israel: Fatah strongest party".

This is, so far, only beaten by the headline "Israel droht mit Selbstverteidigung" ("Israel threatens to defend herself" -- Yeah, trust those shifty Jews to do just that!) the newsmagazine FOCUS concocted some time ago.

The playwrite Rainer Werner Fassbinder, in "Garbage, the City and Death", described this cerebral phenomenon succinctly by letting his antisemitic protagonist say: "Es denkt in mir." I.e. "It thinks inside me."

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