April 11, 2007

untruth does not go away just because it is buried in the blog bilges

I didn't head my entry dating last Wednesday "The Sheer Monstrosity Defies Belief" for nothing and I made it clear that I was putting up this piece of news on the strength of Robert Spencer's and JihadWatch's authority and reputation only. Now it turns out that JihadWatch's only source of this news report, the Catholic Herald, have removed the page from their website.

I feel very strong about this. To be biased is one thing. In fact, it is good as long as you make clear where you stand. To publish falsehoods is another one, and the issue with which we are all dealing is too important to be gung-ho about it. If the report is false (and to fall for canards can happen to the best) it should be retracted. This is what I just wrote to JihadWatch via the contact interface at their website:
Dear Mr. Spencer,

I have at my blog published the news reported under the above link on the strength of your reputation, as have, no doubt, others.


Now I notice that the only source, the Catholic Herald, has removed the page to which you linked.

Can you verify the report or are you willing to put up a retraction? It would do the cause for which you (and others, myself included) are fighting good.

It would be a shame should this – your – site dwindle from an opinionated, principled stance down to the merely sensationalist.

We all and the cause for which we stand up would suffer.

And no, untruth does not go away just because it is buried in the blog bilges.

Best regards
I will keep you informed whether I get an answer and if yes, what it says.