April 11, 2007

untruth does not go away just because it is buried in the blog bilges -- redux

Robert Spencer replied to my post. He said that he was taking down the blog entry although he trusted the source.


romanreb said...

Dear Editrix,

I suspect the Catholic Herald removed the story as a concession to political correctness. I don't KNOW that publication, but I make this assessment based on the state of the Church at this time.
I would not, therefore, allow my trust in a hitherto good source to flag merely because Mr. Spencer has taken down the blog. He is, it seems to me, in the position of believing in the validity of a story which he can't prove.
Best wishes,

The_Editrix said...

Spencer said that the CH had moved it to their archive section (wherever that is), not taken it down. Why he still has removed his blog entry is a different question.

This is not a matter of whether one believes it or not. This is a matter of integrity in journalism, not about belief.

If there is only one source in the entire Internet and everybody else has just cribbed, there isn't enough substance to keep it up.

Esther said...

Editrix, I fully agree with you. The minute we, as bloggers, pass on information that we doubt its veracity and can't verify, we have validated the criticism against us.

The_Editrix said...

Thank you for your support, Esther. It is much appreciated and I agree wholeheartedly.