September 13, 2008

Devisive Topics

I have been sharing recently some of the discussion at Lawrence Auster's VFR and Terry Morris' Webster's Blogspot. Then I thought why shouldn't it get even more attention by putting it up here as well, the more as some of the topics Auster or Morris discuss are carefully shunned by other conservatives and the more as I had it already written.

The original text from the respective blogs is formatted as blockquotes, additional remarks or paraphrasing by me is formatted as standard text.


Terry Morris said...

Nora, thank you very much for linking to Webster's and to VFR on this important topic. And thanks for adding Webster's to your blogroll.

I'm belatedly adding your blog to my blogroll tonight (sorry about the delay), and I do so with perfect confidence and real pleasure. I'm glad you found me.

You will note that my blogroll is very short comparatively speaking. There is a reason for that. :-)


The_Editrix said...

Terry, of course there is a reason for that. I am seriously considering to reduce my blogroll to the few blogs formatted in bold typescript and maybe I will. I could add them manually through the Blogger-gadget functionality and just delete the Blogrolling-blogroll from the sidebar. It would still be available should I change my mind.

I will not go on with this blog as I used to do for the reasons stated in an earlier entry, but if I join the discussion at your blog or at VFR, it would be well nigh stupid not to put it up here as well.

It won't be on a regular basis though. A lot of topics at your blog and VFR are genuinely American and I am not knowledgeable enough to participate (or, to be honest, I couldn't care less).

I am glad as well that I found you (and, of course, VFR).