March 02, 2009


My young dog has cut up one of his fore paws so nastily that it had to be sewed together under general anaesthetic Saturday night and I am pretty washed out after two nights of keeping him from eating up the dressing, specifically since he isn't dopey anymore. He seems to like the galling stuff I put on and licks his leg even more for it. He is an INORDINATELY lifely animal in everything he does, all dogs of this breed are, so my blogging efforts are somewhat curbed for the time being. At least he is a cheerful, and not a grumpy patient, like my terrier who vents his wrath on me if he is injured.


Moshea bat Abraham said...

Poor dog! Hope his paw heals.

The_Editrix said...

The paw is fine, but it's absolutely nerve-wrecking to keep him from damaging it again by gnawing or licking at the suture. The "collar" doesn't do much for that, he can still reach his paw. It's a relief when he is snoring, like now, because then I don't need to have my eyes on him every 30 seconds.