February 24, 2009

Brothers in Whining

Commenter Bruce Church (see previous entry) let me have information as a PDF-file, which can be downloaded here.

He writes:
I scanned a representative sample of the newspaper that the Octagenarian second-generation German-American Herman Otten of New Haven, Missouri, has sent out to thousands of Lutheran churches/pastors for the last five decades (since the 1960s I think).

Here I scanned two pages of one issue promoting a book for sale on anti-Zionism. Notice at the top it is mailed to a Lutheran Church, but I blackened out the address. Notice the anti-Zionist book Christian News is selling is in the lower-right corner of the front page (2nd page of the PDF), and the article continues on for two complete pages (page 3 and 4 of the pdf). The pdf is searchable for words, in case you want to search it.

Christian News is usually 24 to 28 pages in the small newspaper format, which equals two letter-sized pages of print per page. Sometimes the whole issue is dedicated to Holocaust Revisionism and related subjects like: the Dresden bombing, how badly the German citizens and soldiers were treated after the war by Allied Forces (including Russia), and how Germans were expelled by the Czechs and Poles, and anti-Zionism.
I can't thank Bruce enough. Here we have another example of the marriage made in hell between Germans and Palestinian Arabs. They must be made for each other. Start a war, lose it, pay with territory, the age-old formula for post-war dealings since mankind invented warfare does, so it seems, not apply to Germans and Palestinian Arabs, brothers in whining.

We have written many times about the Germans oh-so deep concern for the plight of the Palestinian Arabs and their long-standing brotherly relationship.

Would that specific German with an American passport, would all Germans, care about the Arabs of what used to be called Palestine during the British Mandate would their proposed solution (sic!) NOT be a danger of potentially genocidal proportions to the Jews and the State of Israel? You must be joking!

Edited to add:
Bruce sent me the following additional information:
Here's another more recent Christian News.

You'll see that I wasn't exaggerating when I said that the pages of CN are often filled with Holocaust and WWII Historical Revisionism, and Anti-Zionism. In the attached PDF there is material on the just-mentioned subjects on the title page, and pages 2, 5-8 and 15-23.

That's 15 pages out of the 24-page issues, or 63% of the pages have those subjects. (Some issues are 28 pages.) Feel free to post it, perhaps as another link next to the other PDF link. Like the other PDF, I made it searchable for words, meaning that search engines will index the PDF by it's word content.
Thank you, Bruce! Click here to open the file.