February 24, 2009

Brothers in Whining

Commenter Bruce Church (see previous entry) let me have information as a PDF-file, which can be downloaded here.

He writes:
I scanned a representative sample of the newspaper that the Octagenarian second-generation German-American Herman Otten of New Haven, Missouri, has sent out to thousands of Lutheran churches/pastors for the last five decades (since the 1960s I think).

Here I scanned two pages of one issue promoting a book for sale on anti-Zionism. Notice at the top it is mailed to a Lutheran Church, but I blackened out the address. Notice the anti-Zionist book Christian News is selling is in the lower-right corner of the front page (2nd page of the PDF), and the article continues on for two complete pages (page 3 and 4 of the pdf). The pdf is searchable for words, in case you want to search it.

Christian News is usually 24 to 28 pages in the small newspaper format, which equals two letter-sized pages of print per page. Sometimes the whole issue is dedicated to Holocaust Revisionism and related subjects like: the Dresden bombing, how badly the German citizens and soldiers were treated after the war by Allied Forces (including Russia), and how Germans were expelled by the Czechs and Poles, and anti-Zionism.
I can't thank Bruce enough. Here we have another example of the marriage made in hell between Germans and Palestinian Arabs. They must be made for each other. Start a war, lose it, pay with territory, the age-old formula for post-war dealings since mankind invented warfare does, so it seems, not apply to Germans and Palestinian Arabs, brothers in whining.

We have written many times about the Germans oh-so deep concern for the plight of the Palestinian Arabs and their long-standing brotherly relationship.

Would that specific German with an American passport, would all Germans, care about the Arabs of what used to be called Palestine during the British Mandate would their proposed solution (sic!) NOT be a danger of potentially genocidal proportions to the Jews and the State of Israel? You must be joking!

Edited to add:
Bruce sent me the following additional information:
Here's another more recent Christian News.

You'll see that I wasn't exaggerating when I said that the pages of CN are often filled with Holocaust and WWII Historical Revisionism, and Anti-Zionism. In the attached PDF there is material on the just-mentioned subjects on the title page, and pages 2, 5-8 and 15-23.

That's 15 pages out of the 24-page issues, or 63% of the pages have those subjects. (Some issues are 28 pages.) Feel free to post it, perhaps as another link next to the other PDF link. Like the other PDF, I made it searchable for words, meaning that search engines will index the PDF by it's word content.
Thank you, Bruce! Click here to open the file.


Moshea bat Abraham said...

It so happens that today I really needed to read this. Just last night I was reading a site and came across a bunch of strident calls for other nations to force Israel to end its "apartheid". Also, my own country isn't doing to well in that area just now either. So, thank you.

The_Editrix said...

Well, in spite of the international majority opinion, the support of your country for Israel has always been a bit... halfhearted, to say it politely. I can not enough recommend John Loftus' "The Secret War Against the Jews". Quite an eye-opener, it is.

And that the new president would be even less supportive than his predecessor(s) was foreseeable as well, his Muslim-connections being one, but not the only, factor here. At least that is what I think.

Alligator said...

That came out of New Haven? That's just down the road from us an hour or two. Never heard of the paper and certainly not of any anti-Semitic leanings, least ways not in the area news. The funny thing is that during the Civil War, all the Germans in that area of the state enlisted in the Union Army to fight against black slavery which they found abhorrent. A majority of non-German white soldiers didn't give a rat's rear end about black slavery. So the Germans took the moral lead in race issues in one era, but their descendants have faltered in another era.

The_Editrix said...

'gator, welcome!

Antisemitism and racism are two totally different phenomena. I'd say that my fellow countrymen are no more racist than any other Europeans, maybe less so because of their lack of stakes in the colonial game. You need to SEE people, how different they look and behave, to develop racism.

Not so with antisemitism. Countries that are safely "Jew-free" are probably more antisemitic now than they were when Jews still lived there. Germany, Poland and the Arab countries come to mind. Antisemitism is a cultural given in the Western (and Muslim) culture. It is a deeply rooted psychological mechanism and all standard explanations (race, moneylending, Christ-killers, keeping themselves apart), at the end of the day, don't make sense. I think the true reason is that the Jews invented or better: discovered God and the human conscience, the ability to tell apart good from evil. And as long as a single Jew is alive he will remind any godless person of his godlessness and thus be hated and feared, just because of what he IS.

Not that this concept is mine. Somebody made me aware of a page in the Internet that discusses this. I just put it in my own words.

Addendum I:
Somebody else, who lives in East Asia, once told me that the Chinese people hold the Jews in high esteem. Antisemitism isn't part of their culture, so they actually BELIEVED the tale of the ubiquitous and omnipotent Jews, which caused, as it would in an unselfconscious mind, awe, and not resentment.

Addendum II:
Interestingly, and again in line with human nature, antisemitism has increased post-WWII and specifically in Germany. Basically, this entire blog is about it. People tend to develop resentment toward other people they owe.

Alligator said...

Thanks for the welcome.

I had a pretty lengthy response typed up but lost it somehow. I guess I have to get a bit more familiar with this system.

But I see your point about anti-Semitism being more of a cultural/spiritual phenomena and less of one about race. Although I am certain that for some people, it is definitely a racial issue.

Bruce Church said...

Editrix, You're right that antisemitism can be religious-based, and from there people accrue more antisemitic attitudes and notions. That's because many people are not sophisticated religiously, so instead of religion remaining a gentlemen's argument about doctrines and exegesis, it turns personal, i.e., someone doesn't believe x or y because he's always been stubborn or contrarian.

Alligator, I take it your from northern Missouri, if not southern Iowa. There's plenty of antisemitism in the Midwest if you look for it, both religious- and race-based. For instance, did you hear about the Milk Carton Jesus in Arkansas being built by a white supremacist antisemitic artist in 1966? The statue was supposed to be the centerpiece for a tourist attraction and passion play modeled on the one in Oberammergau, Germany. That's always been a favorite of anti-semites after Hitler visited it and included it in propaganda against the Jews. Here's a link with excerpts:


The statue is a popular tourist attraction, but remains controversial with local residents due to Smith's association with white supremacist and antisemitic organizations throughout his career...

The statue was proposed and built as the centerpiece of a proposed religious theme park which was never fully realized, but an outdoor performance of "The Great Passion Play", styled after that of Oberammergau, Germany, is staged four or five nights a week from the end of April through the end of October in a nearby 4,100-seat amphitheater...

The_Editrix said...

Bruce Chrurch let me have the following email he got from a fellow Lutheran and included the comment: "Here an American Lutheran living in Ukraine says Otten is a disgrace, and that Lutherans there don't deny the Holocaust. I emailed him about that Rev. Herman Otten being banned from speaking at the Ft. Wayne Indiana Lutheran seminary."

The original email starts here: "...Otten is a disgrace and offense, same as that Catholic bishop who is a holocaust denier. You give the man a forum, you're accepting partial responsibility for what he says and inviting opprobrium.

It's strange indeed when the criminals admit their guilt but some outsider says they're innocent.

Strange indeed that Hitler should be the only dictator of the last century not to exterminate people he said he hated.

And then there is the fall in the Polish Jewish population from 3 million prewar to 100,000 now. Did they ALL go to Israel? Change
their names and decline to contact relatives?

Receipts exist from I.G.Farben for Zyklon B gas. Was there THAT much
delousing going on?

The Ukrainians I talk to don't know anything about Holocaust denial, but they know where the bodies are buried and in one case saw as a 16-year-old the crows eating what worked its way up out of the ground. Other people watched a Jew hurl himself down the village well to avoid being tortured with the other Jews there. Up north in Kremenetz I asked about the Jewish ghetto; used to be a couple thousand. What happened to them? I asked. "They were all taken out one day and shot."No other massacre is denied. They'll deny it was genocide, as in Turkey and Russia, but they won't deny it happened. I can't figure any other motive than hatred for the Jews and hatred for Israel. Can you?"

Many thanks to Bruce and his fellow Lutheran. Yes, hatred for Jews and Israel, the Über-Jew is the motive, but the more we are talking about it, the more it seems that those Holocaust deniers are pretty deranged. At the end of the day, they are less dangerous than those with at first glance rational appearing arguments, like, for example, the "genocide" of the Palestinians. If you click on my label "Poor Pals" there is plenty of information.

But who knows. Some sorts of madness are contagious. Maybe, in generations to come and all witnesses safely dead, Holocaust denial or relativism will be just one, basically respected, "school" among historians. I do, by no means, exclude that.

Epaminondas said...

Anti semitism is purely about race, after that it becomes the ability to pick off a tiny, ultraminiscule minority in a lot of places without risk to that nation. Today it's about the perceived ability to do the same to an ultra-tiny nation with little risk PROVIDED her use of nukes could be suppressed.

But make no mistake, Shakespeare's 'iconic' portrayal, and the Quranic injunctions are about race.

Hundreds of books like this and this about the western style of this particular bigotry make it clear that the attakcs are about jews as a race, and as THIS makes it clear the same is true about the Islamic forms. In fact, it's pretty obvious that if the quran is authored by the author claimed, HE'S A RACIST FREAK. Goldhagen makes this clear as well.

The_Editrix said...

Can we agree that "race" is mainly about looks and social customs?

If yes, then why did the Nazis went out to exterminate the totally assimilated Jews? Why did they need the yellow star to set them apart if the were of a(n easily identifiable) different race? Do you really think the Nazis (or the Muslims or any other murderous antisemites) gave a hoot for the patrilineal Y-chromosomal Aaron gene gentiles don't possess? Do you think his looks would have saved a Kirk Douglas from extermination? Do you think that the "Cohanim gene" (should he possess it) is the reason for antisemites to hate him? Or is it simply the fact that he is a Jew and nothing else? Do you think that Muslims, different from European pseudo-scientific geneticists, even had the semblance of a "racial" concept apart from sheer and undiluted hatred? (Didn't they, too, have to set the Jews visually apart somehow to make them visible as being "different"?)

I am arrogant enough to say that even if thousand otherwise clever books are telling us that the reason for antisemitism is racial, they are wrong. They had to fall back on race as an explanatory theorem because they didn't think any further. That doesn't make it any more right.

Pastorius said...

The idea that anti-Semitisim is about race is laughable, since a Jew can look exactly like any other German, be completely assimilated, be productive, join the right clubs, and even become a Christian, and yet could have, and was, hunted down by the nazis and killed.

And, in this case, your opinion flies in the face of reality.

And, what race is a Jew anyway, Epa? Jews are black, brown, white, and every color in between.

The_Editrix said...

Yes, I even forgot about the non-white races entirely. Jews tend to look like the people among they dwelled for generations. Look at Arik Sharon, the white blonde Russian war god. Look at Shaul Mofaz, the textbook Persian, at Helmut Ostermann from Beckum in Westphalia, as German as one can get, and look at the only Stürmer-Jew monstrosity I have ever seen in real life: Yassir Arafat.

midnight rider said...

"I even forgot about the non-white races entirely. Jews tend to look like the people among they dwelled for generations" -- yes, and often because they are descended from converts to Judaism, not bloodline/matrilineal descendants from MidEast Jews.

So I would agree with Pasto that anti-semitism is not necessarily about race.

Epa's statement "it becomes the ability to pick off a tiny, ultraminiscule minority in a lot of places without risk to that nation" is true but does not prove racism. Weren't the Czar's pogroms against the Jews who were not mid-eastern but Russian?

Now if we are talking about Jews as strictly those from mid-eastern blood then maybe the race arguement is more effective.

Or maybe I'm just way off course here.

The_Editrix said...

I don't think you are all that much off course. I don't believe, however, that converts played a major role in the genetic makeup of the Jewish people, or that rape did. In short, I don't know why Jews mostly look like the people among which they are living, it just IS so. But the reason doesn't make any difference in the race argument anyway.

"Modern", European, antisemitism is about Ashkenazim, the first of which came to Germany with the Romans, then went east. Muslim antisemitism started with Middle Eastern Jews as targets and there we have the same predicament: They looked like them. Therefore the race argument doesn't hold water in this case either.

midnight rider said...

Actually what I was trying to say is people who had no mid-east blood whatsoever and converted to Judaism, passing that conversion without any mid east blood down through the generations. Their race -- European instead of mid eastern -- has nothing to do with their being Jewish. It has nothing to do with the genetic makeup of Jewish poeple with mid eastern blood. Just the same as a Catholic could be an Italian or a Catholic could be an African. Different race, same religion. But an anti-Catholic doesn't care if you're Italian or African, doesn't care about your race, just your religion.

Which is a really long way of saying yeah, you and I are saying the same thing.

The_Editrix said...

"Which is a really long way of saying yeah, you and I are saying the same thing."

Never mind. Blogger provides a lot of cyberspace. ;-) But seriously, thank you for clarifying.